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Breadmaker for gluten free bread

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tkband3 Tue 13-Feb-18 21:03:08

I have three coeliac DDs and since our prescriptions for gluten free products were cut a couple of years ago, I spend a huge amount each week on bread products for them.

I was thinking about getting a breadmaker, which would hopefully decrease the expenditure, but it would be a pricey item to buy only for it not to be very good.

I've seen the Zero breadmaker, which says it is specially for gluten free bread making, but it's £199.99. There's also various Panasonic breadmakers which have gluten free options, and are cheaper.

Does anyone make gluten free bread in a breadmaker and if so, would you recommend it? Thanks.

Olga81 Tue 13-Feb-18 21:07:09

I have a Kenwood which makes a passable gf loaf.

I don't use it all that often though, can generally keep the freezer stocked with reduced gf bread of various sorts which works out cheaper.

pastabest Tue 13-Feb-18 21:14:34

I've seen quite a few good reviews for this one.

Not forked out on one myself yet though as the coeliac in my life is refusing to stick to their diet.

tkband3 Wed 14-Feb-18 15:41:16

I don't have a freezer big enough for lots of bread Olga, and with three teenage kids eating it, it doesn't last long!

That's the one I was looking at pastabest...that's a very enthusiastic review of it, although I notice it is sponsored by Panasonic!

I did have a generic breadmaker before, but the gf bread it made was not good. Hoping that one with a specific setting will be better.

(Out of interest, why is your resident coeliac not following their diet? Do they not get ill when they eat gluten? My DDs are always violently sick for several hours after being 'glutened' so would never knowingly eat something that wasn't gluten free.)

pastabest Wed 14-Feb-18 15:54:35

He has 'silent' coeliac, he only knows he has it because an immediate relative has it so he was tested too.

Even then his blood tests didn't actually show it for certain, I think it was confirmed by a endoscopy.

Its only silent in the sense that it doesn't actually cause a violent digestive reaction but i'm convinced not sticking to his diet aggravates other autoimmune conditions he also suffers from (psoriasis, UC etc).

The man just wont give up proper bread and biscuits though, despite being fully aware of the damage he is probably causing himself.

I've given up nagging but what I cook is largely GF naturally any way so other than the bread (shit) and biscuits (sawdust) hes sticking to the diet by default.

I hadn't noticed that it was sponsored by Panasonic blush I just recalled it was a glowing review (I quite like the blog as they tend to get sent the new GF products early which I can then pass on to his lovely GF relative). I'm pretty sure there was a MN thread about the same breadmaker as well though.

pastabest Wed 14-Feb-18 16:01:14

pass the reviews on that should mean. I obviously don't get sent the actual products grin

tkband3 Wed 14-Feb-18 16:39:46

Ah, that'll explain it then. When we last saw our gastroenterologist, he said it was great that the DDs reacted as they do when they eat gluten...when I looked sceptical, he said it'll mean they're extremely unlikely to stray from the diet if tempted, which is most definitely true!

I'm sure it's linked to other auto-immune issues - a friend who isn't coeliac, but has gone gluten free gets terrible skin problems if she accidentally eats gluten.

I think I might give this bread maker a go - I'll come back and review it if I do smile.

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