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Getting kids to cook

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foodie8590 Sun 11-Feb-18 22:18:08

Does anyone else cook with their kids? I am trying to get mine involved more in the kitchen. Any tips on what I can do to peak their interest in healthy eating AND cooking. Any recipes which your kids love to make ( and would be appetising for me too) would be helpful, so I'm not doubling up on the cooking.

Maybe there is a site/brand which helps with this?

kateandme Sun 11-Feb-18 23:31:24

creamy chicken and bacon pie
lamb chops on a stack of chunky chips or garlic sautéed potatos.
tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake
any cheesy pasta
carbanara spaghetti
roasted veggies.
bacon wrapped chicken breast.mix it up by stuffing with philli.
staek salad.
making own dressings in jam jars
toad In the whole
making big warm salads using meats and new potatos.

they love to make it look posh or restauarant like.
help them keep tasting.
knowing that a perfect dish is just a tasty dish so if something goes wrong its perfectly fine.
if something went wrong or dropped or they look dejected make a mess.trhrow flour at them or make yourself look silly too so they don't feel bad and want to stop.its not a failure they are still leanring
cakes.always baking cakes!it was always a good place to start.
could you say hand over the reigns for the night.say right heres the oney for the shops.go choose.(or go with them of course) and say find some tasty ingredients for our meal.
my brother loved his squeezy condiment bottle for making pretty cheffy styles with sauces.
chiabatta steak sandwhich.
aks them.ask them if there is anything in your books or mags they would like.the good food magazines are always great for inspo.
rocky road
choc fridge cake.
help them feel they have a dish then you can say "oh * has to cook that tonight as she/they/he does it best.
yummy noises "this is sooo your signature dish"

Introvertpants Tue 13-Feb-18 18:59:21

Homemade ice cream
Macaroni cheese
Cauliflour cheese
Chinese dishes like kung pao chicken
Homemade burgers
Homemade pizza
Homemade coujons or fish fingers
Chicken katsu
Fish pie

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