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Posh stew or one pot for dinner party

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Generallyok Sun 11-Feb-18 19:13:15

Want to try and keep it simple as I have a tendency to flap in the kitchen if I have loads to do. Can anyone please give their fail safe recipe for a one pot dish. I am happy to do rice/ potatoes and veg side dishes but want it look a bit special.

BillyCongo Sun 11-Feb-18 20:59:31

Venison or beef bourguignon. Pre heat oven 180C Fry off diced venison or beef shin in batches, deglaze pan with boiling water, keep juices. In casserole dish, fry a sliced onion and diced carrot until soft. Add meat to pan with salt, pepper and 1 table spoon flour . Put in oven 5-8 mins to crust flour. Pour over 1 bottle red wine and 1/2 pint beef stock. Stir in 2 bay leaves, 1 tablespoon tomato puree, 1 teaspoon of tyme. Put lid on bake 2-3 hours.
Make braised onions, peel 18 mini onions or shallots. Fry in olive oil and lots of butter until brown. Pour in 1/4 pint of beef stock, cover with lid simmer gently for 30 mins.
Last 30 minutes of cooking add onions and whole button mushrooms
Serve with cauliflower cheese.

DandelionAndBedrock Sun 11-Feb-18 21:03:18

This is my standard midweek friends for supper dinner. Chuck a salad together on the side, job done.

MrsPestilence Sun 11-Feb-18 21:04:52

Either Billy's suggestion or Coq au vin. Tastes even better if you make it the day before and bung it in the fridge over night.

Blondie1984 Sun 11-Feb-18 22:02:17

Lamb shank could also be one worth considering - or oxtail

Wallywobbles Sun 11-Feb-18 22:18:09

Easy trick for any of the slow cook joints is leave it in the oven at about 90c for 24 hours. Lid off for the last few hours with a spoon of flour in to thicken the sauce.

I put everything in the pot
on a medium heat then add wine, herbs, pepper, bay leaves and stock and a pot of chutney.

Then into oven for 24 hours at least. If you make it advance you can do it over night. Then all day of the party.

ThreeFish Sun 11-Feb-18 22:19:48

Baked fish in tomato sauce.
Make sauce the day before. I think it's Jamie Oliver's recipe. Take a bunch of basil, pull leaves off and set aside. Chop stalks up small and fry in a little oil with 3 grated garlic cloves and a pierced whole red chilli. Two mins. Add 2 tins of good plum tomatoes and splash (desertspoon) of red wine vinegar and break up tomatoes. Reduce (simmer) for 20 mins. Cool and put in fridge.

On dinner party day, remove chilli and put sauce in baking dish. Oven at 200. Set white fish fillets on top of sauce. One for each person. Sprinkle chopped up basil leaves on top of fish. Chop up good handful of stoned black olives and sprinkle over. One teaspoon capers also sprinkled over. Put in oven. About 15 minutes, depends how thick fish is. Check fish is white inside at thickest part, not pinky or transparent then it's cooked.
Serve with basmati rice, green salad and bread to share.
This serves 4 adults, is cheaper than meat, and always goes down well here.
For more people, just double up sauce recipe and use two baking dishes.

peachypetite Sun 11-Feb-18 22:20:42

I also rate that nigella recipe above!

GreenTulips Sun 11-Feb-18 22:21:57

Slow cooker it all and add sides

Easy and ready when you are

TyneTeas Sun 11-Feb-18 22:26:28

This chicken and bacon casserole tastes like it was a lot harder to make than it is

pieceofpurplesky Sun 11-Feb-18 22:29:41

Coq au vin or chicken with grapes and tarragon
Crusty bread
Green veg or salad
Baby new potatoes

Anotherdayanotherdollar Sun 11-Feb-18 22:35:41
This always turns out well for me. Stew, with a pastry top (ready rolled pastry from aldi/Lidl).

Kikashi Thu 15-Feb-18 15:30:34 This is easy and I usually make it with a green salad and crusty bread (not mash)

LoniceraJaponica Thu 15-Feb-18 15:43:32

Delia's chicken Basque would fit the bill perfectly. It just needs a salad. Lasagne is also a winner. Again, all it needs is salad. You can prepare lasagne ahead.

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