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Flapjack help please!

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BiddyPop Tue 06-Feb-18 10:36:15

I have in the past tried to make flapjacks and failed miserably. (Usually hard lumps that fell apart as soon as you touched them).

We all like flapjacks, the M&S ones in a bucket, or Costa have big ones with fruit, or various others.

But we'd like to be able to make them at home, put in some dried fruit ourselves, and ideally throw together a batch in a hurry on Friday nights for sailing and outdoor stuff at weekends, as well as school and work snacks.

Does anyone have a good recipe?

And any foolproof tips?

(I am a reasonable general cook and baker, I don't have time to bake frequently but I can make decent cakes and meringues when I make the time - just fail miserably at flapjacks).

Thanks so much.

UnimaginativeUsername Tue 06-Feb-18 10:38:57

There was just a thread about this:

Soupdragon’s recipe (on that thread) is foolproof and delicious.

BiddyPop Tue 06-Feb-18 10:53:18

Thanks Unimaginative!!

FartnissEverbeans Fri 06-Apr-18 18:38:02

I also tried Soupdragon's recipe and it was awesome

Wigeon Tue 10-Apr-18 08:34:46

Was going to post to say Soupdragon’s recipe but two poeple have already beaten me to it! I don’t add the extra demerara. Failsafe and delicious.

cantkeepawayforever Tue 10-Apr-18 08:41:22

If you don't have condensed milk handy, then a successful alrternative is:

50g sugar
50g syrup
100g butter or marge
200g oats
a very generous 50g of anything you'd like to add

Melt fat, sugar and syrup together. Add oats and additions e.g. dried apricot + sunflower seeds; dried cherries; crystallised ginger etc etc.

bake at 180 degrees until pale gold. Squish down with a fork after it comes out of the oven.

I make these weekly for 2 active teens' lunchboxes.

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