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Anyone got this months good food could give me a recipe pls?

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onwardsonwards Sun 04-Feb-18 18:59:26

I was looking at it on the shelf but didn’t have enough money on me to buy it!

It was a recipe for a muffin type thing that looked good for breakfast I think it was called a pochin or a poochin or something?!
I can’t find it on their website.

Blondie1984 Sun 04-Feb-18 21:54:37

If you can't get it via someone in here then go in to the shop and take a photo of the page with your phone...

cdtaylornats Sun 04-Feb-18 22:28:40

Sign up for a free trial of Readly

BBC Good Food is one of the magazines

indio32 Mon 05-Feb-18 08:17:05

Which one are you after?

Can recommend Readly.

indio32 Mon 05-Feb-18 08:24:00

Ok just seen.... there's a recipe on page 52 for "puffins" which looks like a smallish muffin... do you mean that?

Tiddlywinks63 Mon 05-Feb-18 08:26:15
Have a search online, might be there?

onwardsonwards Mon 05-Feb-18 10:25:13

Yes Indio that’s it! The puffin!
Can you screen shot it at all?
Thanks so much

indio32 Mon 05-Feb-18 10:53:58

Yup, will do at but at work at the moment so lunch time smile

bestbefore Mon 05-Feb-18 11:21:32

Here you go!

onwardsonwards Mon 05-Feb-18 15:55:33

Oh thank you so much!!

onwardsonwards Mon 05-Feb-18 15:57:04

Going to make them now- I had thankfully remembered enough about the recipe to buy buttermilk this morning so GAME ON!

onwardsonwards Mon 05-Feb-18 19:44:44

They were a disaster! shock

indio32 Tue 06-Feb-18 06:05:59

In what way?

whatareyoueatingNOW Wed 07-Feb-18 16:28:04

Just for future Terence I used to pay for good food magazine before I found out that my library has free online magazines! Including good food, delicious, olive etc.

It's worth asking in your library if they do this service smile

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