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Roast pork-how to get the best crackling?

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Bluesheep8 Sun 04-Feb-18 08:55:03

Hi, I'm cooking a shoulder of pork today. Tips for how to get the best crackling please!

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PinPon Sun 04-Feb-18 08:57:15

Dry the skin with kitchen roll, and leave it out of the fridge for a couple of hours before putting it in the oven.

Bluesheep8 Sun 04-Feb-18 08:58:47

Thanks pinpon, will do as you suggest.

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ScreamingValenta Sun 04-Feb-18 09:00:34

I put some sea salt onto it and leave it out as PinPon suggested.

Monkeypuzzle32 Sun 04-Feb-18 09:01:09

I don't eat it but cook it for my husband sometimes and I dry it, then sprinkle sea salt and pepper over it and cook slowly, he says it's delicious!

Bluesheep8 Sun 04-Feb-18 09:06:02

Thanks everyone, taking all your advice.

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Frouby Sun 04-Feb-18 09:06:12

Get your oven really really hot. Some salt on your pork and cook it on the high heat until you see the skin start to bubble and pop. You need the high heat to get the bubbly bits. Usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get the pop.

Once it's popped turn the heat down and cook as normal.

Once it's cooked, take out of the oven and use a sharp knife to remove the crackling. Cover the pork joint in double tin foil and a clean tea towel and leave to rest. Pop the crackle on a side plate somewhere warm. Then when you are ready to serve either pop the crackle back in the oven for a minute or 2 to warm up or just carefully cut it up using a decent knife. There might be a few rubbery bits that have sat underneath the joint but the main bit should be nice and crispy.

Bluesheep8 Sun 04-Feb-18 09:12:09

Thanks for taking the trouble to post such detailed advice Frouby.

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Accountant222 Sun 04-Feb-18 09:13:12

Wack the oven on full, 230 fan, dry the rind completely with kitchen roll, if rind is scored this will make better crackling, cook for 30 minutes as near to the top of the oven as you can get it, then reduce the temperature to 190 fan and lower the shelf, depending on the weight 30 minutes per pound (sorry I'm ancient don't understand metric weights)

SundaysFunday Sun 04-Feb-18 09:14:40

My crackling was never great (always chewy) and I realised it was because I was placing it straight on the roasting tin / tray. Once I lifted it up onto a rack (so that the fat drips off and it's not lying soggy in its own juices) I achieved crispy and crunchy perfect crackling.

AnnaMagnani Sun 04-Feb-18 09:17:15

Dry it with kitchen roll. Cut the rind into lines of would be crackling with a v sharp knife (I have a scalpel for this). If it's ready scored they are probably too far apart. Then rub salt over the top. As per PinPon don't cook straight out of the fridge, leave it out the get to room temp before putting in the oven.

From then on, I've just followed the recipe but always had lovely crackling.

Bluesheep8 Mon 05-Feb-18 12:08:51

Just to let you all was the best ever-perfect crackling too, thanks again

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Frouby Mon 05-Feb-18 13:54:10

Thats good OP.

Don't forget how you did it tho becaus3 there will be much disappointment if it's not perfect next time. No pressure then 😁

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