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Use of coffee extract

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jyotigupta Sat 03-Feb-18 16:18:36

Hi All,
I have two full bottles of coffee extract..i used to bake cakes..just curious to know if I can use these in chocolate cake recipe in place of vanilla it a good idea???

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brownelephant Sat 03-Feb-18 16:21:47

chocolate & coffee go well together.
go for it!

you could also add it to butter cream.

MrsHathaway Sat 03-Feb-18 16:27:19

I find that coffee can make a chocolate cake kind of darker and richer without adding actual coffee flavour IYSWIM. Just makes the chocolate more chocolatey!

Mocha cake on purpose is also excellent.

PerspicaciaTick Sat 03-Feb-18 16:28:38

Ina always adds coffee to her chocolate recipes.

jyotigupta Sat 03-Feb-18 16:44:07

Thank you all ...i generally use instant coffee and vanilla extract in chocolate cake...but surely will try this time with coffee extract instead of vanilla extract...but one more doubt..if i use coffee extract,then also should I add instant coffee???

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brownelephant Sat 03-Feb-18 16:53:55

no, either or or it might be too bitter

jyotigupta Sat 03-Feb-18 17:03:16

Ohh is it...ohk...thanks...then no vanilla extract no instant coffee...only coffee extract...

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