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Hibiscus flowers

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Agerbilatemycardigan Thu 01-Feb-18 18:03:55

Bought a jar of dried hibiscus flowers from a local shop as they looked so lovely. Now that I've got them, I have absolutely no idea what to cook with them.

Has anyone else cooked with them, and are they easy to use?

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LoniceraJaponica Thu 01-Feb-18 18:09:43

Some ideas here

Agerbilatemycardigan Thu 01-Feb-18 18:19:00

Thank you Lonicera

I'll give those a try ☺

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IlikemyTeahot Sat 03-Feb-18 03:45:20

You can make a nice refreshing healthy drink...I suppose it's similar to an iced tea. PM me for my secret recipe if you're interested

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