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Organic Veg box schemes: do you use them?

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Frenchgirl Thu 29-Jul-04 10:30:41

I got my first delivery from yesterday, and am hooked!!! Got a veg box and a fruit box, from a Devon farm, and made delicious salad at lunchtime and stir-fry for dinner. The taste of the veg is brilliant, they look really nice and fresh, am absolutley delighted and excited about all the stuff I'm going to make. I like the idea that some of the stuff I wouldn't normally buy, and therefore have to have a think about how to prepare it. I hate routines....
Just wondering how many of us use these schemes?

Angeliz Thu 29-Jul-04 10:31:46

I have looked for one in the NorthEast but can't find one! If anyone knows any delivery services UP North, please let me know!

Bunglie Thu 29-Jul-04 10:45:45

Dis when I lived in the London area. Really good. Everything was seasonal and sometimes they would just shove in a few 'extras' so that you might order them next time if you liked them. Quality was really good too, but can't remember the name, will try and find it for you. They delivered once a week and there was no problem with the produce going off, I once got a squash and ended up making squash muffins. dh said they were like cricket balls . So be prpared to get a few unusual things!

honeyflower Thu 29-Jul-04 11:12:33

Angeliz, North East Organic Growers are very good. There are lots of organic producers and outlets in the region - see this article

Angeliz Thu 29-Jul-04 11:17:34

honeyflower, thanks so much+ will have a good browse of that tonight, am excited already!!!

colette Thu 29-Jul-04 11:21:28

Anyone know of any in Scotland - Glasgow area. It sounds a great idea

lyndap Thu 29-Jul-04 11:37:58

Just googled for you and found this.....HTH

Clyde Organics

Muirhouse Farm
Carnwath, ML11 8LX
Tel: 01555 840271
Organic produce straight from the farm. Milk & seasonal vegetables

lyndap Thu 29-Jul-04 11:50:23

Also, How could I forget?!!!
Roots & Fruits

455 Great Western Road
Glasgow, G12 888
Tel: 0141 3393077

joanneg Thu 29-Jul-04 12:00:56

I use able and cole. Love it. I like the fact that all the produce looks real - rather than this brightly coloured over perfect stuff you get from the super market.
Also it is so tastey and the fact that it is delivered is handy as I am very lazy!!

spacemonkey Thu 29-Jul-04 12:20:46

how much should one expect to pay for a box of veg? A small box is £11 from the london organic delivery co which seems well pricey to me!

joanneg Thu 29-Jul-04 12:26:48

I get a large box which ths week included: banannas, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, apples, melon, pepper, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, mushroom and onions. You get quite a feww of each (I think for example I got 6 apples) This costs 21 pounds 90 pence.

The way I justify the cost is = dh and I would spend this amount on one takeaway order with dominos pizza!! So we have cut out takeaways and this more than pays the the delivery! and is healthier too. (have been watching too much 'you are what you eat!'

jacksmumto1 Thu 29-Jul-04 12:45:47

What size box do you have? has been recommended to me but I'm unsure what size box to have - 2 adults and a 2 1/2 year old at the mo - ds and I eat loads of fruit and raw carrots; dh will only eat granny smiths so I will have to buy those especially for him I guess, we aim for 2-3 portions veg with our main meal and then top up with snacks etc.. during the day or at lunchtime.

How long does your box last, what size is it and for how many people?

Frenchgirl Thu 29-Jul-04 12:50:13

I pay £10.50 for a medium box (this week contains tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuces, 3 big courgettes, cabbage, potatoes, basil, butternut squash, onions) and £7.50 for a fruit box with apples, bananas, peaches, apricots and watermelon. Delivery is free.

Frenchgirl Thu 29-Jul-04 12:53:47

jacksmumto1, this is with riverford, and there are only 3 of us, with dh who is not great lover of veg but knows they're good for him!

motherinferior Thu 29-Jul-04 13:07:44

I use Abel and Cole because it's efficient (usually) and ethical. The fact that it's the only opportunity I get to invite muscular scantily clad young men into my kitchen is PURELY coincidental

sooz31 Thu 29-Jul-04 13:30:33

So do I (although clearly missing out on scantily clad young male visit as delivery arrives v early in morning and leaves box on doorstep).

It's usually very good, and if I've been disappointed I've rung to say, and they've been happy to compensate the following week...

motherinferior Thu 29-Jul-04 13:35:22

I work from home, so the A&C delivery is all too often the high point of my week. Although I've been off with the kids this week, and dd1 said loudly 'he's very hairy, mummy' about this week's chap

sooz31 Thu 29-Jul-04 13:37:29


Frenchgirl Thu 29-Jul-04 13:53:19

well I got a very nice man from riverford wih my delivery MI, so there! But not scantily clad and never got in the house and there was only one (and dh was there )
Are your nice men organic???

Pancake Thu 29-Jul-04 13:59:15

Does anyone know of anyone offering this service in the South East? Would love to hear.

larlylou Thu 29-Jul-04 14:05:36

I too am a Riverford user and think the boxes are great. We vary the size of our boxes (can do this easily on-line) depending on what we had left over, etc. Have got into making great soups with the left overs before new box arriving! The taste of the veggies are far better than those in the supermarket and do last a good while. All it needs now is the delivery man to be a young scantily clad chap rather than the old, stumpy ape looking man that delivers ours!

joanneg Thu 29-Jul-04 14:14:03

pancake - I am in the south east and I use able and cole (

motherinferior Thu 29-Jul-04 19:13:56

Anyone looking for a scheme - check the Soil Association website. There should be a list of available organic delivery schemes in your area.

Gem13 Thu 29-Jul-04 19:41:55

We have Riverford too. They are fantastic. DH has had to change his views on organic food and I have had to stop being so lazy about cooking. Have to wash lettuces and potatoes now.

jacksmum - we have a medium veg and a fruit box. There are 2 of us, a 2 year old and an almost to be weaned baby. Looking forward to trying her out on the various delights. It's all online and you can easily order more of anything.

princesspeahead Thu 29-Jul-04 19:58:59

I am eating out of my garden at the moment. Tomatoes, Lettuce (2 kinds), french beans, broad beans, red peppers, yellow courgettes, more plums than I know what to do with, wild mushrooms. oh, and eggs from my chickens. cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, rainbow chard, carrots, pumpkins, apples, pears, damsons and figs are on their way but not quite ready yet!
a lot of that (not the fruit, potatoes and pumpkins) is grown in quite a small space you know... you should try it if you can. especially courgettes - one plant will keep you going for much of the summer! children also much keener on eating veg they have picked themselves...

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