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Nigellas instant chocolate mousse

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Stillmonday Wed 31-Jan-18 21:57:06

Has anyone tried this? Would it be ok if I made it the day before we want to eat?

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Hassled Wed 31-Jan-18 22:02:45

What have you done to me? I want this now more than anything I can think of - looks amazing.

No idea whether it keeps but nothing in the ingredients makes me think it wouldn't be OK. Sort of takes away the "instant" from Instant Chocolate Mousse though.

MsHomeSlice Wed 31-Jan-18 22:09:26

this is lovely, without the malarkey of marshmallows and cream
...and one of the Lindt 80% or 90% cocoa chocolates used to be accidentally vegan and dairy free if that's an issue

Chocolate Water Mousse

that recipe says to serve immediately but I have kept it over night in the fridge, just don't serve it right from the fridge, let it come up to room temp.

Stillmonday Thu 01-Feb-18 19:09:20

Home slice that's just melted chocolate with water!
Thanks anyway grin

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hugoagogo Thu 01-Feb-18 19:13:00

Do you mean the one with marshmallows from Nigella Express?
I don't know how it keeps, but I can tell you it's disgustingly sweet, just horrible. <shudder>

TittyGolightly Thu 01-Feb-18 19:14:07

The best chocolate mousse is whipped alfaba water mixed with melted dark chocolate. It’s AMAZING.

tshirtsuntan Thu 01-Feb-18 19:15:34

What's alfalba water?

TittyGolightly Thu 01-Feb-18 19:16:16

I think that’s what it’s called. It’s the liquid from a tin of chick peas.

TittyGolightly Thu 01-Feb-18 19:16:26

Whisks up like egg whites.

sirlee66 Thu 01-Feb-18 19:18:13

Yes!! I'd recommend making it the day before anyway because it goes even more thick and rich!

Such a good recipe!!! Better than from a restaurant!!

tshirtsuntan Thu 01-Feb-18 19:21:07

Wow! Vegan chocolate mousse here I come smile

WTFIsThisVirus Thu 01-Feb-18 19:33:33

Do you think it would work with already whipped cream :D

Stillmonday Thu 01-Feb-18 20:00:48

I like disgusting sweet things so will be perfect for me!

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hugoagogo Thu 01-Feb-18 20:03:29

Well don't say I didn't warn ya.

Stillmonday Thu 01-Feb-18 20:04:45

Fingers crossed I won't, I'll probably on too much if a sugar high to type wink

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Stillmonday Thu 01-Feb-18 20:05:03

* of

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MsHomeSlice Thu 01-Feb-18 20:35:38

i know...but it's delish! But it might be a bit grownup if you are a marshmallow fan! grin

TyrannosaurusBex Thu 01-Feb-18 20:38:58

I used to make it loads, it's great with really dark chocolate. Oh no, I need to make it again right now...

Stillmonday Thu 01-Feb-18 20:46:30

I'm not sure I am a marshmallow fan but it was recommended on here and has good reviews 🙈

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FluffyWuffy100 Thu 01-Feb-18 21:03:07

Wow I want to try the chooclate and chickpea water one @TittyGolightly


TittyGolightly Thu 01-Feb-18 21:44:13

everythingstaken123 Thu 01-Feb-18 22:14:26

I've made it the day before. It was really delicious but I did have heart palpitations for hours after!

megletthesecond Thu 01-Feb-18 22:20:13

Wonder if it would work with veggie marshmallows?

TittyGolightly Thu 01-Feb-18 22:21:15

It will. It won’t work with sugar free marshmallows.

LoniceraJaponica Thu 01-Feb-18 22:32:57

"What's alfalba water?"

Aquafaba is the liquid from a tin of chickpeas. I have eaten meringues made with it and they were very nice indeed.

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