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Sweet potatoes

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Penygirl Tue 30-Jan-18 22:42:35

Can anyone give me some basic cooking advice for sweet potatoes please? Do you prep them the same as normal potatoes? Do they take the same time to cook? What do they go really well with? Anything you can't do with them? Thanks in advance

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SuburbanRhonda Tue 30-Jan-18 22:45:30

They aren’t potatoes.

However you can mash them, make wedges out of them and use them in soups and curries. If you bake them they cook more quickly than actual potatoes.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 31-Jan-18 06:33:32

I use them as a potato substitute in my house. You can do almost anything with them and I often put them in curries because they stand up well to strong spices.
We love baked sweet potatoes with tuna or chilli.
I don't usually use cheese in any dishes with sweet potato, but feta cheese is alright.
A sweet potato mash goes really nicely on top of shepherd's pie.
You might find this useful:

Penygirl Thu 01-Feb-18 00:06:31

Thanks both.

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CAAKE Thu 01-Feb-18 00:19:06

Lovely recipe -

Lay sliced sweet potatoes (and any other root veg) with onion and garlic in a baking dish with sausages and pour in some stock to cover the base of the dish. Bake until it's all cooked (40min or so depending).

Penygirl Fri 02-Feb-18 00:02:53

That sounds lovely, thanks.

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frozenlake Fri 02-Feb-18 00:06:00

I really like them as wedges alongside chili, the sweetness caramelizes slightly and is a good foil for spice. Prepare like a potato but they will cook quicker.

Ivymaud Fri 02-Feb-18 01:33:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AdelicaArundel Sat 03-Feb-18 15:23:25

Around here, we always add a sweet potato to the pot of plain potatoes for mash. MMMMMMMMMM .
When cooked, as normal, add butter/milk/tiny sprinkle of salt and mash.

Your mash will be coloured, and sweeter, which is lovely in a meal with (for example) lamb.

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