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What are your favourite jacket potato fillings?

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namaste86 Tue 30-Jan-18 16:31:23

I've been craving baked potatoes loads recently (not pregnant!) But I'm bored of beans/cheese/tuna.

So hoping to steal of your favourite fillings instead grin

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FoofFighter Tue 30-Jan-18 16:32:35

Egg mayo, which sounds like an odd combo granted. It was on the menu at the care home I worked at once, only had it as we ate for free, and to my surprise it was really nice smile

CountingToThree Tue 30-Jan-18 16:33:26

Bacon & mozzarella
Nice cold hams & salad

Patodp Tue 30-Jan-18 16:34:42

Tinned pink Salmon with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon makes a good alternative to Tuna.
Cottage cheese is yummy.
My mum used to love plain Greek Yogurt on her baked Potatoes.

Boatsnack3 Tue 30-Jan-18 16:36:24

Haggis and cheese
Chilli and cheese
Beans and cheese

As you can see I really like cheese.

InDubiousBattle Tue 30-Jan-18 16:37:23

Smoked haddock and creamy mushrooms. It's a night slater recipe and it's lovely (smoked haddock, mushrooms, cream, mustard and parsley all over a baked potato)

PenguinsandPandas Tue 30-Jan-18 16:37:57

Coronation chicken.
Chicken and mayonnaise
Corned beef 😳

DamsonGin Tue 30-Jan-18 16:39:35

Chicken curry
Cheese & coleslaw
Coronation chicken

Patodp Tue 30-Jan-18 16:40:37

Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne! It's really easy to make with beans and delicious on a buttery jacket potato.
I've never had meat chilli con carne so wouldn't know if that's nice on a baked potato.

ineedwine99 Tue 30-Jan-18 16:40:43

Sausage casserole (sausages cut into slices)

ineedwine99 Tue 30-Jan-18 16:41:08

Tinned spaghetti, butter and cheese grin

molemonkey Tue 30-Jan-18 16:41:29

Chicken, cheese, mayo and sweet chilli! Amazing

newnamechange84 Tue 30-Jan-18 16:41:43

I often have ratatouille and cheese (just the tinned one... 🙈)

whichwayisout Tue 30-Jan-18 16:42:44

I'm boring, cheese for me.

weetabix07 Tue 30-Jan-18 16:43:54

Beans and cheese

Cottage cheese

formerbabe Tue 30-Jan-18 16:46:05

Avocado and crispy bacon

Mash an avocado with a little mayonnaise...then add diced very crispy bacon.

It's delicious!

PineappleTits Tue 30-Jan-18 16:46:29

Garlic Philadelphia and stringy mozzarella with spring onions and a bit of tomato chutney grin

MardAsSnails Tue 30-Jan-18 16:46:42

Cheese and corned beef

Or one thing I do a lot is:

Microwave the spuds
Hollow them out
Mix spud guts with mountains of cheese, some cooked onion, a bit of butter or milk, some S&P, and a jar of bacon bits
Add back into potato skins
Top with cheese
Shove under grill for 5 mins

My comfort food when DH is away damn his new job where he's never away

fleshmarketclose Tue 30-Jan-18 16:47:01

Corned beef and baked beans.

Iwantaunicorn Tue 30-Jan-18 16:47:37

Chicken and bacon mayo is my favourite topping of all time
Beans and cheese
All of the above must be served with loads of butter. I am currently pregnant, and now really craving a jacket potato with chicken and bacon mayo 😂

iklboo Tue 30-Jan-18 16:51:37

Scooped out and mashed with cheese, bacon & spring onion.

Oogle Tue 30-Jan-18 16:54:16

Tuna and sweetcorn
Tuna and cheese
Cheese and beans
Beans and onion
Salad and mayo (lots and lots of mayo)

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 30-Jan-18 16:54:26

Beans and cheese, I also love baked sweet potatoes with smoked mackerel pate.

Vitalogy Tue 30-Jan-18 16:59:26


trixymalixy Tue 30-Jan-18 17:01:11

prawn marie rose

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