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Pie Lid

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Tipsntoes Sun 28-Jan-18 16:41:23

Although I cook quite a bit, I've never made a pie.

I'm doing one for dinner, or kind of one, it's what DH would say is a casserole with a pastry lid.

The recipe says attach the lid to the pie dish. How? How do you fix the lid to the dish?

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TwitterQueen1 Sun 28-Jan-18 16:43:40

just grease the bit on the pie dish where the pastry will rest.

Sounds yum

Crikeyblimey Sun 28-Jan-18 16:44:48

‘Glue’ it down with a bit of water then crimp round it or use fork tubes to squash it down a bit (just round the edge).

Crikeyblimey Sun 28-Jan-18 16:45:13

Tunes not tubes (forks don’t have tubes).

Crikeyblimey Sun 28-Jan-18 16:45:27

Of ffs. TINES!!!

NoParticularPattern Sun 28-Jan-18 16:45:40

I just normally put the pastry on without anything. You can glaze the rim of the pie dish with egg first if you like to make it stick, or sometimes I just use a bit of whatever sauce the pie has in it to make it attach.

unenthusiasticfuturedancemom Sun 28-Jan-18 16:46:32

I make individual lids separately on a baking tray and then put it on top when I serve. No gloopy crusts, just perfect crispy yumminess.

Cheating I know.

AdaColeman Sun 28-Jan-18 16:57:38

Cut thin strips of your pastry, from around the edge of the rolled out shape. Brush the pie dish rim with egg or milk, press the strips of pastry well all round the rim, pat them so they are even.
Brush again with milk or beaten egg before carefully laying the pastry sheet over the dish. Carefully and firmly press the sheet onto the pastry rim, don't stretch the pastry. Trim (don't over trim) if needed, or knock up the edge if the is only a small excess of pastry.
Brush the whole thing with egg or milk to glaze, adding pastry leaves if liked.

marmitedoughnut Sun 28-Jan-18 16:57:47

Cheating indeed grin

A proper pie should have a base AND a lid. smile

TwitterQueen1 Sun 28-Jan-18 17:16:34

It's OK OP. The pie police will not be round to judge you. wink
Just do whatever is easiest and then enjoy.

MrsPear Mon 29-Jan-18 18:00:09

As an aside when i feel lazy I just roll the pastry to bigger than dish. Then lay pastry in dish, put in filling and then gather up sides and use to cover top. Crimp and flatten a little and glaze. No fiddly cutting and extra rolling required. Ok it’s rustic but hey it is family dinner!

TwitterQueen1 Mon 29-Jan-18 18:12:31

Shocking MrsP. Just... shocking wink grin

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