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Urgent advice for lunch please!!

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littlem133 Sat 27-Jan-18 07:08:53

My sister and her family are visiting for lunch. I've made a carrot and coriander soup but have put far too much cream in before blending. Can I do anything to save it?! Anything to balance it out? Can I boil it off?

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Mistydampandwet Sat 27-Jan-18 07:12:05

Is it just to creamy? Add more veg and blend again???

Joskar Sat 27-Jan-18 07:23:36

How much cream and what kind? Depending on what kind of cream you've used it might split so reheat very gently.

Taffeta Sat 27-Jan-18 07:26:38

Just make more soup without cream and mix it together

Or add loads more veg stock

Footle Sat 27-Jan-18 07:27:27

You can't boil it off , it's fat not water. You need more veg - potato will balance it out if you've run out of carrots. Cook them separately and then add them.

littlem133 Sat 27-Jan-18 07:56:34

Ok. It was single cream. I'll just add more of everything else then

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littlem133 Sat 27-Jan-18 08:34:36

It's looking better!

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