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Stick blender recommendations?

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MoonlightMedicine Tue 23-Jan-18 11:53:39

I am on my second stick blender in as many years. To be fair I’ve bought cheap both times (less than £20). During winter I make soup 3+ times per week and that’s all I really use it for. Does anyone have one they would recommend. I wouldn’t be able to spend more than £30-£40 on it.

Or would I be better off with a soup maker? My assumption is they are more of a hassle to clean....

Munchyseeds Tue 23-Jan-18 19:32:14

Got a cheap one from Dunelm mill to replace the even cheaper one from Tesco that I gave to D'S (uni)
Really don't think it's worth spending a lot...Just keep receipt so you can return if it doesn't last
Pleased with the Dunelm one...has all the bits you might need

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