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Cheaper alternative to Benecol?

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peterfoster Mon 22-Jan-18 09:27:53

I've just started taking a daily Benecol for health reasons. I've noticed that wherever one shops the price seems to around £3.25 for 6. Does anyone know, please, of a cheaper source for the product or a cheaper alternative which broadly will do the same job. Thanks.

RagingWoman Tue 23-Jan-18 15:48:28

There are apparently supermarket own brand equivalents of benecol yogurt drinks which have the same effect on your cholesterol. Worth looking out for?

Blondie1984 Tue 23-Jan-18 16:41:29

It might be more cost effective to look at other dietary/ lifestyle changes you can make ....

brownelephant Tue 23-Jan-18 16:43:40

I'm with blondie.
oats are beneficial, as is a general good diet rich in veg and cold pressed veg oils.

Els1e Tue 23-Jan-18 16:45:30

Aldi do a cheaper one and they taste fine.

peterfoster Wed 24-Jan-18 12:49:25

Many thanks for the helpful responses, guys. I'll most certainly give the Aldi option a go. My favourite breakfast is 40 grams of oat bran mixed with half a pint of semi skimmed milk and microwaved (900 watt) for four minutes, pausing each minute to give the mixture a stir. I have it with half a banana, chopped, and a handful of mixed nuts....

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