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Really stupid question about freezing fish pie...

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WowAnActualBaby Sat 20-Jan-18 14:20:30

I’m batch cooking portions of fish pie to pop in the freezer for my toddler.

So I make sauce, add fish, assemble in little pie dishes with mash potatoe topping and would then normally pop in oven to cook.

I’m having a brain fail...

Do I assemble and then cool and freeze without the oven stage, ie with fish uncooked? Then defrost and cook properly when needed.

Or do I oven cook and then cool and freeze cooked, so I am de-frosting and reheating? I think this will over-cook the potato and fish?

Sorry, stupid moment and the two people
I’ve asked have opposite opinions :-)

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namechange2222 Sat 20-Jan-18 14:36:39

Yes freeze before the oven stage. It turns out much nicer

chickenowner Sat 20-Jan-18 20:27:55

I agree with pp. smile

WowAnActualBaby Sun 21-Jan-18 10:46:26

Great, thanks! 6 portions now in the freezer woohoo :-)

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