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Ibs-d attack - any ideas for food can I eat?

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Choccogoingcuckoo Fri 19-Jan-18 19:39:23


I had a horrendous ibs attack on Thursday morning between 3am - 10am. My stomach is still feeling delicate and still nauseous. No idea what's triggered it, had a pretty healthy diet, the only thing I ate out the norm was salad!

So far I've been able to eat soft boiled egg on white bread toast. Some plain chicken and boiled white rice and a handful of white pasta and some leftover bolonese. My stomachs groaning when I eat or drink but I'm staring to get really hungry now which is normal for me after an attack.

Any ideas welcome smile

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 19-Jan-18 20:18:05

White fish, new potatoes and boiled carrots
Couscous and prawns
Cornflakes with almond milk
Plain chicken tortilla wrap with lettuce
Be careful with the onion in bologese but lean mince is good.

teta Sat 20-Jan-18 15:39:20

I make chicken tonic soup after an attack.
It’s made with a poached free range chicken. Onion,garlic,ginger,celery,tumeric,splash of live cider vinegar (probiotic) and a spoon of coconut oil ( soothing). Plus courgette and carrot.
You cook the chicken for @ 3 hours ( remove the white meat earlier) . The soup is rich in collagen to help repair the stomach lining.
You can strain out the vegetables and have some plain rice in it if you wish.

kateandme Sat 20-Jan-18 20:14:27

try not to fear it coming back.stress and fear is know to both flare it up and make it worse.try to think calmy as best you can.practice some breathing your tummy is relaxed and not tense or this will make eating anything seem eeekish.
warm drink but not too much caffeine.
rich teas
some rice pudding.
warm soup like veg and lentils
nothing tomato based or too acidic.
cornflakes and cool milk
don't fear it coming back or it will.
slowly massage the tummy can ease things a little in circular motions.
don't lie down straight away or cause anything to make it travel back.
itl be ok.really sorry.its so awful.
its so scary thinking of the pain coming bac and your alsmot sat like a spring "its coming""its back" when it isn't.
seek comfort in the now and it being ok.
snuggle up.

notthe1Parrot Sat 20-Jan-18 21:16:20

Good article in the 'i' today with lists of suggested helpful/unhelpful foods. Main article on front page, further info and lists inside.

Choccogoingcuckoo Sat 20-Jan-18 21:29:28

Thanks for all the tips. I've had a dieticians appointment and keeping a food diary and I think I'm over thinking what I'm eating. After much deliberation with myself I opted for a banana last night. I felt much better today and had bacon medallions, scrambled egg and tomatoes for breakfast, homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch and fish and sweet potato with smoked paprika for dinner. My stomach was fine it all this (although it was not fine after 5 thorntons chocolates blush)!

@notthe1parrot what is the 'i' please?

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notthe1Parrot Sun 21-Jan-18 12:10:40

‘Independent’ newspaper

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