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Gluten free and vegetarian lunch ideas please

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glitterbiscuits Fri 19-Jan-18 08:24:02

My son is vegetarian and his new girlfriend is gluten free.
Vegetarian food is easy but I have no experience of gluten free. I just want to make something they can both eat. Can anyone give me a few ideas please?

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haba Fri 19-Jan-18 08:29:07

My DD is GF, and she likes Greek salad (salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, peppers, olives), tuna pasta salad (made with gf pasta) with sweet corn, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes etc, gf bagel toasted, with cream cheese slathered all over.
Are they eating at your home rather than packed lunch somewhere?

haba Fri 19-Jan-18 08:31:01

Oops, my phone posted too soon!
At home, baked potatoes are v easy to do, and gf/veggie. Chili- a veggie chili will be GF, but check if you use soya/quorn as I don't know if they're gf.

EggsonHeads Fri 19-Jan-18 08:33:03

GF veggie lasagna with GF pasta sheets (easy to find at the super market). Curry with rice. Quinoa salad. Roasted cauliflower with all the usual veggie roast sides like sprouts and potatoes.

AdaColeman Fri 19-Jan-18 08:35:10

Home made pizza using gluten free base.


Home made soup

Vegetarian sausages in a casserole or with beans/lentils.

ElanorGamgee Fri 19-Jan-18 08:35:17

I made something for dinner last night that was GF and vegetarian and it was lovely. Recipe in last weekend's Guardian and I love beetroot so had to have a go.

Here, I just had some salad leaves with it. DH had cous cous with his but you could add something else GF if you need more bulk.

I loved it - will make it again. I have got some of the grated mixture left and might add some sort of hard cheese instead of goats and have it with a poached egg on top for lunch.

SandLand Fri 19-Jan-18 08:39:41

Rice and potatoes are naturally gluten free.
You can get gluten free breads etc, and some corn tortilla wraps are gluten free.
Beans and lentils in salads can help with carbs too.
Soup, again with beans or lentila can be a good winter lunch.

Needmorehands Fri 19-Jan-18 08:40:50

GF ready made pastry is fairly easy to find in a decent size supermarket, the puff pastry is rubbish but you should get a nice shortcrust for a quiche.
If you're doing homemade soup (and Dr Oetker little ciabatta rolls are lovely for dipping in!) or veg chilli then check the label on your stock as many contain gluten - it gets everywhere! Even into some brands of lentils which I love to add to soups and chilli sad
In my world you can't go wrong with a jacket potato, or curry with rice smile

glitterbiscuits Fri 19-Jan-18 11:51:25

Some good ideas here, thanks.

Any thoughts on gluten free pudding or cakes ?

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Needmorehands Fri 19-Jan-18 12:06:03

There are quite a lot of recipes for flourless chocolate cakes around, quite a lot of them use ground almonds so I don't know if allergies are an issue for you. But chocolate is another annoying place where they often hide allergens so you'll need to read your packets sad
There was a recipe I tried once for lemon drizzle which used mashed potato as its starch and you genuinely couldn't tell!
Most ice creams are gluten free!

haba Fri 19-Jan-18 12:08:51

Fruit, yoghurt, ice cream (plain types, ,not cookie dough types!!), Chocolate mousse etc all gf usually. There are a v wide range of gf products available (e.g. brownies, cakes, biscuits) but they are very sugary... and v expensive sad

glitterbiscuits Fri 19-Jan-18 12:57:54

Thanks for the ideas. I have left it too late to get anything special in like gluten free flour

I’m thinking of veggie chilli with jacket potatoes and if I can find a flourless choc cake recipe I may try that with cream or ice cream. I have ground almonds.

I may also make a frittata to hide in the fridge in case she’s not keen on chilli.

They are all things we can eat if she doesn’t.

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SandLand Fri 19-Jan-18 13:15:15

I've made these brownies in the past for a gluten free friend

glitterbiscuits Fri 19-Jan-18 17:41:42

Thanks @SandLand.

I’d rather go with a tried and tested recipe.

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glitterbiscuits Fri 19-Jan-18 17:42:32

Meaning I will try your suggestion @SandLand

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OrangeCatnip Fri 19-Jan-18 17:51:40

Buy some gluten free wraps and make the following fillings.

Hallumi, leaves and sweet chilli sauce
Hummus, carrot peppers etc
Fried mushroom and melty cheese

For puddings.

Many brownie recipes are naturally gluten free so google one
Gluten free flour makes very decent pancakes if you keep it thin.
this Caprese cake (italian chocolate almond cake) is amazing.

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