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I'd like to buy a slow cooker - any recommendations?

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foxfox Wed 17-Jan-18 08:08:30

Can anyone recommend their make of slow cooker? Will a £20 Argos one do the job, or should I be spending £70, £80, £90 +?

Are their any features I should look out for?


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dreamingofsun Wed 17-Jan-18 10:36:44

both my slow cookers have been around the 20 mark and the first one lasted for about 30 years. so i'd go cheap. then if you hate it, it doesnt matter. for a family of 5 the 3.5 litre one has worked well for us. you need a removable bowl and a high/low setting.

you will need to cook in a slightly different way - use very little liquid

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 17-Jan-18 10:38:16

I have a sear and stew which has a metal inner dish which you can use on the hob

It's a morph Richard's

sashh Wed 17-Jan-18 10:47:41

I have only ever had cheap ones and I've been using them for 30+ years.

octopusrus Wed 17-Jan-18 13:38:31

Def recommend the Sear & Stew as well - the inner dish is metal rather than ceramic so it's miles lighter and easier to clean etc. It's handy to be able to brown the meat first if the recipe calls for it instead of using a separate pan.
I used to have a normal ceramic one but I broke the pot - I much prefer this one!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 17-Jan-18 15:12:21

How about a pressure cooker instead?.

dreamingofsun Wed 17-Jan-18 15:51:04

browning meat for a slow cooker is really not nec....only for sausages which look a bit like willies if you dont

redexpat Wed 17-Jan-18 15:52:16

I have a crock pot. Before that I had a sainsburys one. It was better than the crock pot.

NeverUseThisName Wed 17-Jan-18 18:15:11

Mine is a Crockpot with a time mer and high-low-keepwarm settings. I use them all and would get the same functionality again, were I to replace it.

It's oval, which is very convenient for countertop space, and also means I can fit a whole chicken into it.

The one downside is the ceramic pot. It's stovetop-safe (I can sear food in it, but never do) and oven-safe, and looks good enough to put on the table for dishing-up. But grains stick badly to it and the glaze is breaking down where food has stuck. It is also extremely heavy to wash. So I don't like this particular pot.

If I ever replace my slow-cooker, I would like one with a programmable timer. So I could, say, programme it to switch on in 2h, cook on high for 1h and then on low for 5h. But TBH you don't need that grin

OnlyTheDepthVaries Wed 17-Jan-18 20:04:36

Another recommendation for the Morphy Richards Sear and Stew. I have the 6.5 litre one and it is huge. There is a smaller version. I bought it new about 3 weeks ago via eBay for only £24....Billy bargain!

octopusrus Fri 19-Jan-18 19:25:22

Half price in Argos at the mo! £19.99!


nong45 Fri 19-Jan-18 19:33:49

On the other end of the price spectrum I had the Sage Fast Slo Pro for Christmas and it is the shit. It sears, slow cooks, pressure cooks and keep warm function. We can have a proper risotto ready in about 15 mins! £160 tho confused

shadesofwinter Sat 20-Jan-18 13:18:27

I've just ordered the Morphy Richards sear & stew on the basis of recommendations here and a glowing Which review grin

I've bought the digital one which will be useful for the timer & keep warm functions, which my current, very basic, slow cooker doesn't have.

foxfox Sun 21-Jan-18 21:26:37

Thanks all for your recommendations! I'd not thought of the bonus of searing the meat in the one pot, and after your glowing reviews I've decided to go with the sear and stew. I'm excited to get going with it! Fingers crossed I don't get bored and shove it to the back of the cupboard after a few weeks...

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