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Birthday cake happening in my kitchen!

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MaureenMLove Mon 15-Jan-18 20:22:53

DD (22) is making my birthday cake. I've been banned from the kitchen, but since I'm the one who makes and decorates hundreds of birthday cakes, I keep having to have hypothetical conversations with her about how to do things!grin

She wanted me to roll and put the fondant on it, but now I've been dismissed!

Tis exciting! I haven't had a birthday cake made for me in years!

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yaela123 Sat 20-Jan-18 09:21:42

Mmmm... cake! How was it?

MaureenMLove Sat 20-Jan-18 09:29:28

I done know yet! Today is the day. The big reveal! It's on the table in the dining room and I can see the box from here. DD stayed at boyfriends last night, DH is still asleep. It's just me and the closed box.... I could just.... But I won't! She's very proud of it. She's had the seal of approval from my best friend and god mother, so I'll be a good girl and wait! grin

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Chocolatecake12 Sat 20-Jan-18 09:32:49

Make sure you post a picture!

sparklefarts Sat 20-Jan-18 09:33:36

Happy birthday!

And post a picture, I bet it's lovely smile

Needmorehands Sat 20-Jan-18 09:49:50

So lovely smile
Have to admit I'm impressed by your willpower!

LoniceraJaponica Sat 20-Jan-18 09:52:37

"She wanted me to roll and put the fondant on it"

If DD ever makes me a birthday cake I sincerely hope she doesn't use fondant icing (yuck).

Anyway, Happy Birthday flowers, and I hope your cake is delicious (under the fondant icing grin)

IAmBreakmasterCylinder Sat 20-Jan-18 09:57:14

Ah lovely! Happy Birthday 🎁

SorenLorensonsInvisibleFriend Sat 20-Jan-18 10:16:43

Happy birthday!

I hope the cake is a triumph! cake

MsHomeSlice Sat 20-Jan-18 10:20:45

g'wan and peek!!

Happy birthday MaureenMLove

(and Lonicera maybe just maybe the OP likes fondant? Still at least you remembered your manners enough to say HB!)

LoniceraJaponica Sat 20-Jan-18 10:22:47

Can you post a picture of it later - pretty please?

CocoLoco87 Sat 20-Jan-18 10:26:13

Happy birthday! What a thoughtful daughter you have! You must be very proud of her flowers cake wine please post a photo of the cake!

TomFun Sat 20-Jan-18 10:27:27

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your cake, I'm sure it will be lovely.

Mmm... cake. I want some now cake

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sat 20-Jan-18 10:31:17

No peeking.

You are a grown woman, resist.

MaureenMLove Sat 20-Jan-18 11:01:15

Lol, MrsHomeSlice! grin. No ones gonna piss on my chips today! And just FYI the base is fondant and the rest is butter cream AND I don't particularly like either! However, my daughter has made me a cake with love, for which I am very thankful! grin

Thank you everyone. (If she doesn't get home quick, I'm gonna crumble!!)

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MsHomeSlice Sat 20-Jan-18 11:08:03

Hurry up and look! o

MaureenMLove Sat 20-Jan-18 12:33:42

Well, here it is! Wow, wow, wow!! I have taught her well! 😃

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LoniceraJaponica Sat 20-Jan-18 14:31:19

I'm sure it will taste as good as it looks. You have a lovely daughter. Enjoy the rest of your birthday flowers

eurochick Sat 20-Jan-18 14:55:17

Very impressive!

SorenLorensonsInvisibleFriend Sat 20-Jan-18 20:49:18

Very impressive. I want cake now! (That cake, in fact...)

HarrietSchulenberg Sat 20-Jan-18 22:00:11

Oh good grief, your dd is ace! Fabulous cake. I think that's definitely a Proud Parent moment.

Ikeatears Sun 21-Jan-18 03:46:26

I was watching this thread and only just checked back - beautiful cake, wonderful daughter, lucky mum smile

MaureenMLove Sun 21-Jan-18 13:48:16

Thank you. I had a lovely party last night and the first thing I said to every single person that walked in was, 'go and look at my cake!'

I make and decorate lots and lots of cakes, so she's obviously got her skill from me. I can't stop looking at it! For a first attempt at a posh cake, it's bloody marvellous! grin

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