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Impressive and delicious vegan aupper

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Apostolism Thu 11-Jan-18 18:56:35

Having a vegan but eats fish to dinner party in a few weeks and I always prefer to just make something everyone can eat (maybe with optional add ins like garlic yoghurt for the non). Rather than making a separate vegan meal.

What can I do that isn't predictable (mushroom risotto) but also isn't a massive faff (i.e. tapas or fajitas or something).
Also that doesn't have lentils.

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LineysRunt Thu 11-Jan-18 19:00:52

Hi, I do a lot of vegan cooking. Just checking though that I haven't misread your post. Vegans just don't eat fish.

Is this more a dietary need / preference thing?

AdaColeman Thu 11-Jan-18 19:08:57

If they do eat fish, then perhaps salmon parcels with some fresh herbs, potato wedges and mixed spring vegetables.

Starter of Middle Eastern style salad, or vegan soup, leek and potato or tomato and herb.

kateandme Thu 11-Jan-18 19:48:16

a whole baked salmon
fish pie
mixed veg hotpot
veggie lasagne
either individual are larger roasted vegetable tarts.
savoury crumble

ArcheryAnnie Thu 11-Jan-18 21:04:45

Salmon in pastry.

Plus whatever else sides you want. Nobody will care what they are, because there's pastry!

Ben and Jerry now do vegan ice cream and it's fantastic, if you are looking for something for pudding.

(I'm another one boggling at the idea of someone who eats fish but describes themselves as a vegan, though.)

Apostolism Fri 12-Jan-18 02:29:37

A lot of those suggestions sound like they have dairy? Personally not v keen on substitutes e.g. Whatever you'd use to make s dairy free lasagne.

Sorry not an official vegan. It's an ethical thing not dietary, she doesn't have an ethical issue with eating fish. Vegan but ok with fish is just quickest way to describe.

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Apostolism Fri 12-Jan-18 02:31:22

Never enjoyed a pastry without butter although am v willing to be corrected on that if someone has a great recipe!

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Leilaniiii Fri 12-Jan-18 02:33:21

They're not a vegan if they eat fish.

PanannyPanoo Fri 12-Jan-18 02:34:36

I would do a thai curry with sticky rice.

OtterInDisgrace Fri 12-Jan-18 02:39:17

I don’t think they can call themselves vegan if they eat fish. Particularly if it’s supposed to be an ethical stance.

Not helpful for your dinner party, but ffs. Maybe tell her fish have nervous systems too.

OtterInDisgrace Fri 12-Jan-18 02:39:50

Would she eat a lobster?

ElphabaTheGreen Fri 12-Jan-18 02:49:50

Also utterly perplexed by the 'vegan but eats fish' but anyway...

Google 'Post Punk Kitchen' - loads of great, well-categorised vegan recipes there. Isa Chandra Moskowitz is one of the best genuine non-fish-eating vegan cooks out there and her recipes are fabulous.

LolitaLempicka Fri 12-Jan-18 05:57:17

Vegan who eats fish 😂 I get that they perhaps primarily eat a plant based diet, but they are most definitely not vegan. It sounds like they are meat/dairy free?

Apostolism Fri 12-Jan-18 06:40:56

It's not me who's made the decision I just said it for ease since this isn't posting on aibu grin

It's an ethical choice not a deliciously Ella choice. Basically she sees fish as not having as much feelings as other animals or some such so is happy to eat them. I'm not saying I agree!

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Apostolism Fri 12-Jan-18 06:41:21

Thai curry is a good shout

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ElphabaTheGreen Fri 12-Jan-18 06:42:59

Lobster with a soaked cashew and nutritional yeast flake sauce (because the cheese and eggs to make a proper Thermidor are far too unethical) washed down with lashings of the finest wines because who gives a shit about isinglass? grin

FairyPenguin Fri 12-Jan-18 06:44:10

Apparently Jus-Rol pastry is vegan-friendly.

ElphabaTheGreen Fri 12-Jan-18 06:48:31


Basically she sees fish as not having as much feelings as other animals or some such so is happy to eat them.


Oh my God. I hope she doesn't ever say that to an actual vegan. They'd strangle her with the non-leather thong holding on their sandals!

Give the mad bint fish fingers, mash and beans, but make sure you use oat milk in the mash. The poor mummy cow is bellowing for the calf she has been separated from. The dolphin caught in the tuna drag nets, however, can go fuck itself.

LaContessaDiPlump Fri 12-Jan-18 06:49:07

I think the phrase she's looking for is mostly plant-based pescatarian....

The Even More Veg book by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is vegan - you could serve something with additional fish....

Bowerbird5 Fri 12-Jan-18 06:54:41

You need to check it but some is including Filo and Puff.
Roasted red pepper, tomato and basil soup.
Moussaka using almond milk. You can buy vegan cheese now.
Dairy free ice cream and apple crumble.

Lovelydovey Fri 12-Jan-18 06:58:08

Stuffed aubergine ( with hummus (vg) and garlic yogurt (not-vg).

Apostolism Fri 12-Jan-18 08:01:11

She's not looking for a term. It's my mistake I should have said I was making a vegan meal not serving a vegan person.

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Apostolism Fri 12-Jan-18 11:47:32

I'm going to make a Thai curry as I'm quite good at that as well. What sides can I do to jazz it up?

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LineysRunt Fri 12-Jan-18 12:21:13

If she'll eat farmed salmon, but call herself a vegan, she's very confused. I wouldn't pander to it tbh.

To be helpful, there are great ideas for vegan meals on the Vegan Hour and the Vegan Room on Twitter.

kateandme Fri 12-Jan-18 19:34:47

what about something like this

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