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food colours affecting hyperactivity in children

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bronaghtea Mon 08-Jan-18 18:47:23

My name is Bronagh, I am a year 14 Nutrition and Food Science student. I am currently investigating parents perceptions of food colours and their perceived effect on hyperactivity in children. I would greatly appreciate if anyone would fill out my questionnaire linked below.
Thank you for your time

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AuntieAunt Mon 08-Jan-18 18:52:33

Completed. Good luck with your A-levels smile

laurzj82 Mon 08-Jan-18 19:03:41

Done. All the best with your studies!

bronaghtea Mon 08-Jan-18 19:14:24

Thank you!

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Drogonssmile Mon 08-Jan-18 19:25:38


Vitalogy Mon 08-Jan-18 19:35:51


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