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hesterton Sat 06-Jan-18 19:43:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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BuffBourguignon Sun 07-Jan-18 00:06:07

Have you seen whole roasted cauliflowers? I haven't tried one yet
My favourite ways to use cauliflower are cauliflower cheese or in a curry as it takes in the sauce well.

squoosh Sun 07-Jan-18 00:07:32

Roast cauliflower is the only acceptable cauliflower.

Blondie1984 Sun 07-Jan-18 00:18:12

When it's in the processor, just pulse it rather than keeping the machine running and that way you have more control over the texture
I also find doing it in smaller batches helps

TyneTeas Sun 07-Jan-18 00:20:36

Cauliflower curry : )

WonkyDonk87 Sun 07-Jan-18 00:24:46

Have you tried the Jamie Oliver (yes I said it, yes I know most MNers hate him, sod it - I love him!) recipe where you roast a chicken over cauliflower in a tray? We LOVE it!

WonkyDonk87 Sun 07-Jan-18 00:26:41

ScrambledSmegs Sun 07-Jan-18 00:34:21

Roast cauliflower is delicious. You don't have to roast it whole, I break it up into pieces and it cooks more quickly. Roast it in a little oil and salt, turning once during cooking. Takes about 30-40 mins. Squeeze over some lemon juice after cooking and try not to eat the whole lot.

You can also make the best cauliflower cheese ever with it, just leave out the lemon or it will taste weird.

hesterton Sun 07-Jan-18 00:59:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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dontask4salt Mon 08-Jan-18 09:19:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lynmilne65 Mon 08-Jan-18 09:52:56

Never had roast cauliflower 😳

crumbsinthecutlerydrawer Mon 08-Jan-18 11:32:12

Roast cauliflower whole or as florets is nice, as are cauliflower steaks. Aine Carlin has a recipe for jerk style cauliflower steaks but you could season them however you want.

Aroundtheworldandback Wed 31-Jan-18 23:02:08

Hemsley & Hensley have an amazing whole roast cauliflower in their book

HughLauriesStubble Thu 01-Feb-18 00:25:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NewToRenting Thu 01-Feb-18 18:11:27

In my household we love to eat it raw, alongwith raw carrot and cucumber sticks.
Aloo gobi (dry Indian curry) is nice with naan bread or chapatis.
Cauliflower pakoras/ bhajis are really nice too.

EmilyAlice Thu 01-Feb-18 18:18:00

Cauliflower mash is wonderful. We do saff mash or with parmesan. Tonight with salmon we had cauliflower gratin. Steam for 5 minutes and cook in oven for 15 minutes with a knob of butter and parmesan. Spicey cauliflower with Indian food is a staple here.
Was a bit underwhelmed by whole roast cauliflower, but steaks with beaten egg and emmental were lovely for a lunch.

anna231a Sat 03-Feb-18 00:44:09


Cousinit Sat 03-Feb-18 08:00:27

Cauliflower cheese or in a curry has always been my preferred way to eat cauliflower but I recently tried it roasted and it was a revelation - delicious!

Pradaqueen Sat 03-Feb-18 08:15:43

I do roast cauli regularly. Either as Florets or whole. Simply rub or toss with garlic oil, sprinkle over with around a teaspoon of dried harissa and then a teaspoon of sea salt. Roast for 35/40mins as florets or 1hr15 whole depending on size. Delicious!

Also Google Simon Rimmer Sunday Brunch roast cauliflower recipe. He did a lovely one last year. I tried it, was delicious also!

Paranormalbouquet Sun 04-Feb-18 13:32:58

Whizz it up with some milk, butter and pepper. It’s delicious.

macaronip1e Sun 04-Feb-18 13:40:18

This is yummy - chicken, cauliflower and chorizo tray bake

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