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Vegan meal plan

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 05-Jan-18 15:36:07

Going to try a week of being vegan and thought it might be nice to share plans, if anyone else has one!

Have gone for:

Tofu and vege satay with noodles
Butternut squash, cauli and chickpea curry (going to use a sauce from Fresh India but with vegan cream) with rice
Roasted carrot and lentil salad with vegan feta
Spiced sweetcorn chowder with coconut milk
And an easy one - bought vegan pasties, with baked sweet potatoes and mango salsa

Hoummus, pitta and carrot/celery sticks for lunches for me, and beans on toast for dp! Weetabix with almond milk for dp for breakfast; vegan coconut yoghurt with oats and blueberries for me, or toast and jam.

I'm really excited about trying some new things!

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 05-Jan-18 21:53:36

Looks like I'm eating alone! grin

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SuburbanRhonda Fri 05-Jan-18 21:56:27

That sounds delicious Lupin. I would eat it all if someone else cooked it for me grin

WorldPeasAndSweetcorn Fri 05-Jan-18 22:02:15

Yay for vegan food! Looks great smile

Whatslovegottodo Fri 05-Jan-18 22:03:01

Come join us on the vegan board for lots of recipes. Also vegan food uk and bosh on Facebook are brilliant for ideas.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 05-Jan-18 22:09:23

Hurray! I'm no longer alone. grin

Am not on Facebook. I didn't know there was a vegan board - will find it! Thanks.

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LauraMipsum Fri 05-Jan-18 22:09:49

You're welcome to my plan for the week

Mon: apple dal and brown rice

Tues: "mac n cheese" from Forks Over Knives, with cabbage

Wed: mushroom stroganoff

Thur: veg biryani and pineapple chutney

Fri: baked potatoes and chilli

Sat: fennel, orange and rice salad with pitta and hummus

Sun: roast dinner

Woolfrai Fri 05-Jan-18 22:12:07

There's also a Veganuary 2018 thread, where a few people are trying new vegan things. smile

LoniceraJaponica Fri 05-Jan-18 22:13:41

We have yried loafs of Bosh recipes. They are great.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 05-Jan-18 22:17:21

Laura - Do you have a recipe for the biryani, please?

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LauraMipsum Fri 05-Jan-18 22:47:33

Yes, it's the Forks Over Knives one which is replicated here

I found it slightly bland to be honest but you can up the spices (or not if children are eating it too) but the pineapple chutney was fantastic: dice an onion, saute it in 1tbsp water (or oil if you use it) until soft, add 2 jalapeño peppers diced and 1 tbsp cumin seeds and cook for 4 minutes, then add half a medium pineapple, diced, take it off the heat and let it sit for a few minutes before stirring in a good handful of chopped coriander. It really pepped up the biryani.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 05-Jan-18 22:50:48

Thanks. The chutney sounds lovely - have done similar with mango before, but like the idea of pineapple as a change.

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