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Low fibre meals

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Bobbinsandthread Thu 04-Jan-18 13:30:51

DH has been put on a low fibre diet as part of a study

They have given us a diet sheet listing what he can and can't eat but I'm not finding it that helpful in terms of planning and it's quite a basic list.

Does anyone follow this diet and can give any advice

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Ricekrispie22 Thu 04-Jan-18 18:54:33

White bread, white rice, bagels, pasta and noodles are good carbs.
Small amounts of mild cheese is alright.
Chicken, seafood, eggs, well-cooked minced beef and pork are good proteins.
Tomato sauce and soy sauce are good too. Oil is alright.
Vegetables are more complicated:
Okay raw or cooked: lettuces; de-seeded and peeled cucumber, courgettes and tomatoes.
To be well-cooked or tinned/canned: asparagus, aubergine, beetroot, carrot, celery, tinned green beans, leek, mushrooms, peppers, white potato, pumpkin, radish, spinach, squashes and swede.
have very small amounts: other fine, green, French and runner beans; cabbage; cauliflower; onions; mangetout; parsnips and sweet potatoes.

Make sure all cooked foods are soft and easy to chew. Best cooking methods are those that keep moisture in the food – poaching, braising, stewing, microwaving, boiling and steaming. Roasted, broiled and grilled foods take moisture away from food, making it tough. Fried foods can cause stomach upset and cramping in many people so it is often best to use a moist method and add oil at the end of the cooking time. This may be necessary to ensure enough calories in the day.

So, after all that, here are some ideas to start you off:
Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.
Bagel with scrambled egg and spinach.
Tuna pasta bake (no onions)
Risottos - chicken and mushroom
Mild curries
Pulled pork sliders
Feta and rice stuffed peppers
Chicken or prawn noodle salad with soy sauce

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