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Recipes to use up chocolate

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Wheelywheel Thu 04-Jan-18 12:46:21

We still have tons of chocolate left from Christmas, so obviously the only way to get through it now is to make it more calorific by baking something tasty!

Any ideas what I could make that needs a lot of chocolate?

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newfunahead Thu 04-Jan-18 15:06:56


Clutterbugsmum Thu 04-Jan-18 15:10:25

Refrigerator cake.

Melt chocolate add broken biscuits and lots of dried fruit.

ArcheryAnnie Thu 04-Jan-18 15:33:17

Melt it into hot milk for hot chocolate. (Needs whisking!)

miniloco Thu 04-Jan-18 15:39:26

I made 'big fat chewy cookies' (Google this for the recipe) with chopped up Thornton white chocolate snowmen, flipping fantastic!

Ricekrispie22 Thu 04-Jan-18 19:06:41

Rocky road
Banana boats
Chocolate mousse
Cookie pizza

kateandme Thu 04-Jan-18 19:16:49

chocolate cake with choc icing.
mousse using cream and choc
ganache tart
real hot chocolate.
cut up and topple onto brownies.
use in fairy cakes.
melt down to make sauce for ice cream
chunks with pears to make choc and fruit crumble
melt spread over a sheet of puff pastry.roll into sausages,cut into slices.cook for little choc pastry bites.

Hippadippadation Sun 07-Jan-18 20:06:18

Break it up and use it for chocolate chips in Millies type cookies.

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