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Functional lunch

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BoysRule Wed 03-Jan-18 12:40:57

When I'm at work I only have about 15 minutes for lunch. I'm not bothered about having something 'nice', just something healthy that fills me up. Soup takes too long - there's often a queue for the microwave and it takes ages to eat.

I am thinking about a meal replacement shake or bar (I don't need to lose weight but like to be healthy). Or does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Thiswayorthatway Wed 03-Jan-18 16:23:32

Meal replacement shakes or bars are not healthy, just empty calories which will make you hungry later. How about sandwiches, wrap, rice/cous cous salad etc. made at home and brought in in a tub. With fruit (fresh or dried), yoghurt, occasional bag of crisps or popcorn.

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 03-Jan-18 16:32:18

Frittata is fab, make one and will keep in the fridge for 3 days, and can pack in loads of veg.
I tend to have a salad with leaves, crunchy veg like peppers, celery, pickled gherkins with either tuna, chicken or egg. I don’t have carbs at lunch but could add cous cous or rice if you want.

kateandme Wed 03-Jan-18 16:48:39

what about wraps.
alsooven omelette like this that you can just take in a tub and add anything could also cook them in muffin tins for individual take
do you have time to make a big batch of something a the atart fo each some rasted veg stirred into cousous or lentils or pasta
make a pasta salad and take in Tupperware.
pastry pinwheels if you make one then freeze and grab as you want them.
mke a big risotto and then take a bit out each day

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 03-Jan-18 17:01:17

Little pot of hoummus with carrot sticks
Oatcakes and cheese
Sachet of porridge with berries
Yes to Spanish omelette
Couple of hard boiled eggs with some cherry tomatoes and other salady bits

BoysRule Wed 03-Jan-18 19:05:33

Thanks everyone. I take the point about empty calories but I just feel it's such a functional meal that I can't be bothered!

The oven omelette looks really good. I do carrot sticks, pitta and hummous but find I'm hungry a few hours later. Would be nice to get more of my 5 a day in too.

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foodiemama26 Wed 03-Jan-18 19:23:10

soup in a decent thermos might work?

Mondrian Thu 04-Jan-18 06:21:52

Yogurt with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower dips. Can add crispy quinoa to yoghurt.
You can also make your salad more filling by adding black beans (other pulses) as well as sliced cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage, shredded carrots or even hard boiled eggs & cheese.
Alternatively you could supplement your light lunch with an afternoon snack such as an apple or carrot.

RavingRoo Thu 04-Jan-18 06:23:46

Home made quiche is really quick to make (with shop bought pastry). Alternatively bring your own mezze box with dried fruit, nuts, olives etc.

Eilasor Thu 04-Jan-18 06:28:21

What about a smoothie if you're after an easy meal? A couple of bananas, mangoes (frozen are good), spinach, OJ and can add some vitamin dense powders and seeds. Keep in the fridge at work and then just shake before drinking. Definitely filling.

Eilasor Thu 04-Jan-18 06:31:06

As with any light meal, you will probably still be hungry a few hours later - but just pop a snack in your drawer/bag and have it when you can if possible. If not, it can be eaten as soon as you finish work so you aren't starving on the way home.

I keep nakd bars and^^ when I think about it carrots sticks around for this reason.

BikeRunSki Thu 04-Jan-18 06:34:01

How cone you only get 15 mins?

TheGoodEnoughWife Thu 04-Jan-18 08:59:08

As someone else said, what about taking soup in a flask? Ready to eat then and tasty in this horrible weather? (If you are in the UK!)

IckyPop Thu 04-Jan-18 09:24:19

In my hungover state I clicked on this thread as I thought it was "Fictional lunch"** confusedgrin

CottonSock Thu 04-Jan-18 09:25:51

I use a soup thermos to avoid microwave wait. I warm it a little with hot water whilst soup heating. Still boiling by lunch time

Mondrian Thu 04-Jan-18 14:19:02

IckyPop - “fictional lunch” what a great idea for a new thread.

IckyPop Thu 04-Jan-18 16:09:32

Mondrian -done grin

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