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running out of ideas

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Redken24 Tue 02-Jan-18 19:59:23

Have become quite well lazy with cooking since being back to work.
Is there any tasty, nutritional recipes that any one has?
Wee one is off eggs and now tomato soup/sauce will obviously keep offering but just looking to make something tasty. Have an Annabel book but she can be a bit fussy, I'm sure the more effort I put in sometimes the less she eats!
I'm looking for ideas, tried and tested (maybe good for next day and me) that won't break the bank either!

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Blondie1984 Wed 03-Jan-18 00:14:10

I know you say little one is off eggs but trying frittata might be worth a shot - and it's great for lunchboxes the next day either hot or cold

Crispbutty Wed 03-Jan-18 00:17:22

Macaroni cheese
Fish pie
Home made pizzas

Redken24 Wed 03-Jan-18 07:42:29

Is there a way to make a small frittata instead of 8 eggs?
She would eat cheese til it came out her ears so want to be a bit varied.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 03-Jan-18 09:46:44

Home made fishcakes and falafel, a bit of effort to make but I make loads and freeze, then you are set up for lots of easy dinners. Of course there are plenty of good ready made ones in Waitrose for days days when you CBA!
I do a really nice cod dish where you coat fillets in a mix of yoghurt and curry paste, lie fillets on baking try and spread mango chutney on top. Then you just bake.
If tomato sauce is unpopular at the mo, pasta with cream cheese, peas, sweetcorn and smoked salmon is very quick and easy.

kateandme Wed 03-Jan-18 17:01:17

oven baked frittata or omelette in individual muffin tins.then you can freeze and grab.might make it more exciting too to keep eggs going.
puff pastry read rolled sheets and then just top with anything you like.veggies.pesto chicken.salami and peppers etc etc.reall quick and simply.
tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake
shephards pie.and shephards pie individual stuffed jackets. these then work great with topping like leek and bacon.cheeses.ham and mustard the list of stuffed jackt options are endless and easy.
what about salmon and veggies with cheese sauce.
mac and cheese with a layer of fish along the bottom of the dish first
hotpots.we make ours in our oven proof cereal bowls so make it both fun and easier to make to size.
does little one like to cook.could you get them involved it could be from choosing mummy the best looking pepper for the groovily shaking the herbs into the dish.chopping,sprinkling.make it fun.make them feel important to the outcome of a really yummy meal?
one pot rice dish.

Redken24 Wed 03-Jan-18 18:58:52

Thanks for all the good ideas Kate. I don't cook with fish normally. Is there one that's cheap and easy to do??

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kateandme Thu 04-Jan-18 19:08:15

Redken24 do you mean cheap and easy in terms of fish?or in general meals mentioned?

Redken24 Fri 05-Jan-18 19:10:09

Fish definitely? Im an absolute newbie to cooking fish.
The ideas everyone has given will at least add a few different days to dinner's for a while.

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Crispbutty Fri 05-Jan-18 20:30:37

Fish is one of the quickest and easiest things to cook as well as being one of the most nutritional.

Get a boneless skinless cod fillet. Cube or slice it into fingers.

Dip in seasoned flour

Dip In beaten egg

Dip in breadcrumbs

Chill in the fridge for an hour - or freeze at this stage.

Either spray with oil and bake in the oven or shallow fry them on a low-medium heat in vegetable oil.

Or you could do them in batter and deep fry -fish nuggets are lovely.

kateandme Sat 06-Jan-18 17:15:18

do you do cosco?if so buy a huge side of salmon then portion it off and freeze in the portions.
great one with salmon is salmon mac and cheese.just lay some fillets of salmon on the base of dish and pour ur usual mac and cheese on top and cook as normal.its lovely.
we do salmon fillets in the microwave for around 1om minutes before first check. then serve with a simple cheese sauce and jacket potatos.
salmon skin side down in the oven is av 12-15 minutes.
cookig on the hob is a lot by site of when it looks cooked at the thickest part.gently party it with a fork to check.
great success with these:

kateandme Sat 06-Jan-18 17:16:43

dc favourite fish meal at the moment is salmon filelts.potatos and salad cream smile

peppapigwouldmakelovelyrashers Sat 06-Jan-18 17:18:17

Jamie Olivers latest cook book might suit you, every recipe has only five ingredients and they are all pretty quick and easy.

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