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Meals that can be tweaked to be made vegetarian

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MeIAm Sun 31-Dec-17 00:25:07

I'm looking for some very quick and easy meal ideas. Family of meat eaters and 1 vegetarian, would like to just cook one meal (obviously would be two but for example shepherds pie using mince and shepherds pie using quorn).

Does anyone have any suggestions as my mind has gone completely blank and all I can think is shepherds pie/spaghetti bolognaise.

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DropZoneOne Sun 31-Dec-17 00:33:34

If you're happy to use quorn as a meat substitute, then there's plenty of options as anything sauce based can be adapted.

Curry (quorn pieces)
Cottage pie
Honey & mustard chicken (use the plain quorn escalopes, best if marinated in the fridge during the day as they take on the flavour better)
Stuffed peppers / tomatoes

HardRockHallelujah Sun 31-Dec-17 00:34:19

Curries can be made with meat or quorn/mushroom/potatoes. Stir fries or noodles with quorn or veg. Also gravy dinners like roasts or chops can have a couple of veggie sausages substituted. You can buy fishless fish fingers to substitute for fish fingers, beans and mash. Few ideas off the top of my head, will come back when I've thought of more.

Corcra Sun 31-Dec-17 00:38:49

I'm vegetarian so I cook a vegetarian dish and a meat dish every two days (so we eat the same thing for 2 days)
Chicken curry and chickpea curry.
Mince chilli and veg chilli.
Mince lasagne and veg
Shepherd's pie and lentilpie.

I don't like quorn at all.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 31-Dec-17 12:01:43

Stir fries are really easy to adapt just replace meat with cashews or strips of omelette.
Fajitas either just do veg or use quorn
Toad in the with veggie sausages or red onion and root veg.
Fritata just leave veg out or sub with more veg
Chicken skewers for meat eaters haloumi for veggies

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