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Toddler proof biscuit dough

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ojasastarter Fri 29-Dec-17 12:44:50

Does anyone know of a biscuit dough - dairy free- that I could make with my toddler?

All my books seem to contain only fancy ones- I just want a basic one.

Even Mary berry has failed me!

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Fri 29-Dec-17 16:51:47

You need 321 biscuits. Use grams or ounces, depending on how much micpxture you want to make.

300g/3oz plain flour

200g/2oz vitalite or Pure (other DF spreads are available) fsmile

100g/1oz of caster sugar

Mix together with hands, roll out into a rough dough, cut out and bake.

Mine lived the weighing, the mixing and the cutting and obviously eating them after.

ojasastarter Sat 30-Dec-17 08:32:55


I fancy doing this whilst dh is at the gym this morning - we only have muscavado sugar, honey and maple syrup

Can I substitute?

Obviously not much of a baker...

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 30-Dec-17 08:38:28

Yiu could try the sugar, can’t guarantee it will work but your toddler would probably eat them smile

ojasastarter Sat 30-Dec-17 08:42:55

Good enough! We got a baking set for Christmas after I mentioned we’ve been baking and he’s now got his own little rolling pin and some cutters etc

We made banana bread before Christmas and some “fork biscuits” which he was quite taken with but that you couldn’t roll out

I guess I’m thinking of gingerbread actually when I think of it!

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ojasastarter Sat 30-Dec-17 08:43:06

And thank you!

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ojasastarter Sat 30-Dec-17 08:46:02

Will use the biscuit dough above - just googled gingerbread and it’s definitely not toddler suitable!

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ojasastarter Sat 30-Dec-17 08:46:26

As in cooking with a toddler - I’m sure he’d love to eat it smile

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