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Mexican cookbook

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KTD27 Thu 28-Dec-17 15:49:49

Hi all
Any recommendations for a Mexican cookbook for my husband. He has declared today that he wants to learn how to cook a Mexican meal a month and i for one am super keen on this idea especially if it involves him cooking and me drinking margaritas!

He’s not got the most experience at cooking and is a little nervous in the kitchen so nothing too advanced.
Any recommendations would be gratefully received 😀

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TheBitterBoy Thu 28-Dec-17 15:53:16

Thomasina Miers has written a few Mexican cookbooks, she won Masterchef a long time ago, and owns the Wahaca Mexican restaurant chain. I've cooked a few of her recipes and they are good.

SyrilSneer Thu 28-Dec-17 15:54:42

I’ve just bought the Rick Stein one that accompanies his recent series and like the look of it. Not cooked anything yet but seems easy to follo and has some interesting recipes.

KTD27 Thu 28-Dec-17 16:10:20

Great ideas thank you. I love wahaca so that would be a good place to start.!

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hugoagogo Thu 28-Dec-17 16:12:57

You could go to the library and get a few...

KTD27 Thu 28-Dec-17 20:22:26

Yep absolutely. I’ll see what we have in our local library and whether anything takes his fancy

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ThisIsSylviaDaisyPouncer Sat 30-Dec-17 17:55:11

The first Thomasina Murray book (Mexican made easy? Something like that. Not the Wahaca one) is absolutely amazing. You do need to make sure you’re using the correct chillis though as it makes a huge difference to the recipes. You can buy them online. Make the chipotles in adobo first as you need it for tons of recipes.

ThisIsSylviaDaisyPouncer Sat 30-Dec-17 17:55:31

*miers not Murray

KTD27 Sat 30-Dec-17 21:50:58

Well I’ve booked him a cooking lesson with a local Mexican chef and will head down to the library this week and see what leaps out at me!

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OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Sat 30-Dec-17 21:54:53

See, I prefer the Wahaca book to Mexican made easy. And as for Rick Stein....hmm

KTD27 Sun 31-Dec-17 03:37:43

He vetoed Rick stein straight off the bat!

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