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I need a dessert

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Honeycake50 Sat 23-Dec-17 14:45:53

I am not an expert cook generally (husband is the cook) and in panic mode.

I need a dessert for Xmas day - would anyone kindly share an easyish recipe please? It could be anything, preferably something that does not need to be refrigerated as I have run out of space but something that kind of looks like I went to a lot more effort? Husband has had to work and will not be back till late Sunday night, help appreciated!

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octopusrus Sat 23-Dec-17 15:12:34

Eton mess? Smashed up meringues with chopped strawberries & whipped cream? You could make a strawberry sauce to go with it, won't take up much fridge space....

kateandme Sat 23-Dec-17 15:38:00

few more details.
what about a really nice cake.
or a roulade.
swiss roll sponge.then rolled up with strawberrys and cream filling. the iced with a cream cheese frosting?
greens do great packets of lemon mirangue pie comes with all u need bar a few fresh ingredients then you just need a pastry base.
an eton mess.techniquel cream and fruit need to be in the fridge but it can be put together really quickly from pots of cream and fruit and bought mirangue nests to break up.
a crumble.
a gorgeous one for us is an eves pudding.
self saucing chocolate puds are so easy and many recipes out there.
try searching n the good food siite.
a treacle sponge.
this is rather adorable
poached pears.
a crumble cake
individual cheesecakes.

shoofly Sat 23-Dec-17 15:42:05

If you have a small amount of freezer space this is really easy and incredibly good

HintBean Sat 23-Dec-17 15:49:38

Why don't you make a simple Victoria sponge? Use Mary berry recipe. Always goes down a treat

Ricekrispie22 Sat 23-Dec-17 16:43:25

A no-bake rocky road wreath!
I've made this without one of those fancy-shaped tins. I just pushed the mixture around a tin of soup standing inside a larger circular cake tin. And if you put it in a cardboard box in your car boot or a cold garage, the chocolate will solidify over night! No fridge needed!

Ricekrispie22 Sat 23-Dec-17 16:45:20

And if you want to make the rocky road extra festive, you could add extras like chopped Turkish delight, nuts, dried fruit etc...

borntobequiet Sat 23-Dec-17 16:55:37

Any decent supermarket Xmas pud, done in microwave, serve with cream. Just say you made it yourself. No one will know.

Furball Sat 23-Dec-17 17:06:41

This cake is lovely and really easy

Wicked chocolate fudge cake

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