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Alternative to sherry?

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AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 23-Dec-17 09:14:14

I'm thinking this as part of a buffet next week...

Any idea what I can use instead of the sherry? I'm alergic.

Also, I could do with an alternative to the beaten egg glaze, too. (Dairy free) I can just leave off the glaze if needs be.

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AnaisB Sat 23-Dec-17 09:15:23

Are you allergic to all fortified wines? Or just sherry.

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 23-Dec-17 09:17:11

Tbh I haven't a clue! (I know how dumb that sounds). I've had martini before, does that count?

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Playdohnut Sat 23-Dec-17 09:18:06

Sake/rice wine?

Just brush over milk instead of egg for the glaze?

Scruffette Sat 23-Dec-17 09:18:07

Egg isn't dairy though.

Playdohnut Sat 23-Dec-17 09:18:37

Sorry, just seen you said dairy free. Brush lightly with olive oil?

AnaisB Sat 23-Dec-17 09:19:50

Think I’d go with rice wine to be safe then.

AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 23-Dec-17 09:46:03

I have rice wine! Thank you...would never have thought to use it.

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AllRoadsLeadBackToRadley Sat 23-Dec-17 09:46:43

Sorry- should have said Egg and dairy free.

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Weedsnseeds1 Tue 26-Dec-17 12:47:58

A teaspoon of salt in a cup.of hot water will give you a shiny glaze on pastry ( just brush it on). Using oil will burn it.

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