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Non alcoholic trifle (more Birds than traditional)

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paddlingwhenIshouldbeworking Fri 22-Dec-17 13:15:04

My lovely FIL has just unwittingly confessed a desire for a trifle like his mum used to make which apparently was a nursery-style non alcoholic offering.

He has now developed an allergy to alcohol which is liberally used in our Christmas cooking so thought I'd try and replicate this trifle (have a feeling it could have been a Birds-style but not sure they had this in the 1950's).

Don't have much time but could this work?

jam swiss role base with jelly and sliced fruit? Or should I used sponge fingers? Never bought them, is there a right kind?

Birds custard. I hate custard, can you buy it ready made of the right consistency or will it be too runny?

Double cream whipped for top (no brainer).

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OrinocoDugong Sat 23-Dec-17 06:33:18

Supermarkets sell boxes of 'trifle sponges" in the same aisle as baking ingredients usually. The sponge is drier and more dense than Swiss roll so doesn't go too soggy in trifle. You can split each sponge open and spread it with jam if you like.

BikeRunSki Sat 23-Dec-17 06:39:26

My mum usd to make us Birds Trifles in the 1970s. I replicate theE for my own dc as:

Trifle sponges
Red jelly
Ambrosia custard
Whipped cream
Hundreds and thousands

ColonelJackONeil Sat 23-Dec-17 06:45:22

I think making the custard yourself from a powder is better if you are going for that retro style as it will set a bit, unlike the tinned custard. It's very easy to do, check if you need to add sugar and follow the directions on the box. Maybe a layer of tinned fruit cocktail would go down well with your fil?

ColonelJackONeil Sat 23-Dec-17 06:46:16

You can save the rest of the custard powder to make him steamed sponge pudding and custard some other time.

paddlingwhenIshouldbeworking Sat 23-Dec-17 15:57:53

Thank you all. Sounds totally doable and hopefully put a smile on his face.

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Fekko Sat 23-Dec-17 15:59:42

Soak cats tongues in apple juice. That works for the kids.

Wilma55 Sat 23-Dec-17 16:01:42

You used to be able to get a box with all the ingredients in

BeBesideTheSea Sat 23-Dec-17 16:02:09

This is the spirit of Christmas - little treats for our nearest and dearest. You are lovely OP.

Tipsntoes Sat 23-Dec-17 16:02:10

My FIL is the same. I buy a Birds trifle. It's actually surprisingly good

AdaColeman Sat 23-Dec-17 16:06:31

If using tinned raspberries or black cherries, use the syrup from the tin as part of the liquid for the jelly. Start melting the jelly with a little hot water, then add the juice, then add more water if needed.

OhLittleBoreOfWhabylon Sat 23-Dec-17 16:21:32

Ah, the trifles of my childhood - still my favourite!

jam swiss roll
tinned fruit*
strong jelly (ie much thicker than usual) 'matching' flavour to fruit and made up using fruit juice from tin
Birds custard powder to make thick custard.**
When set, decorate top with more tinned fruit and whipped cream
The whole should be set solid enough to be spooned from the dish in a delicious wodge, not a sloppy mess

*tinned mandarins are especially good
** alternatively, blancmange in matching flavour to jelly and fruit, although not sure you can still get blancmange anywhere

knockknockknock Sat 23-Dec-17 16:29:10

Nobody here likes cold custard so we use Angel Delight - it's amazing!!

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