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If I buy a turkey today....

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whataboutbob Thu 21-Dec-17 12:05:50

Will it be ok to store in fridge till Christmas day? Have to buy today as I'm specifically going to traditional butchers in parents town. Then bringing back home on train. Should I be freezing it and taking out on 24th? I've asked for a small one.

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Snowman41 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:09:57

You will need to ask the butcher.

whataboutbob Thu 21-Dec-17 16:13:41

I did! He said it should be ok in the fridge till Monday.

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hayli Thu 21-Dec-17 16:15:19

No.... i think just freeze it to be on the safe side

timeistight Thu 21-Dec-17 16:23:50

My butcher would say it would depend on the temperature of your fridge. If your fridge is a tad on the warm side, it will be an accident waiting to happen.

whataboutbob Thu 21-Dec-17 18:10:02

Ummmm. It has temperature control and I've lowered it to 3C. DH is a bit of a food hygiene fanatic, I'm more laid back. If he puts his foot down I'll pop it in the freezer.

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