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Anyone freeze potatoes ready for roasting?

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ifonly4 Wed 20-Dec-17 16:27:51

We're presently working our way through a large bag of potatoes which we'll struggle to use before Xmas and at the same time will have gone past their best for the big day.

Has anyone frozen potatoes ready for roasting and do they cook okay? Online it suggests parboiling, shaking a bit and freezing separately before putting in a bag, is this what you do?

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iklboo Wed 20-Dec-17 16:33:27

It seems to work for Aunt Bessie wink

iklboo Wed 20-Dec-17 16:34:39

Sorry, yes I parboil & shake like you've seen online. They came out nice and crispy on the day.

namechange2222 Wed 20-Dec-17 16:36:05

Yep done it a few times. Taste exactly the same and saves a bit of time

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