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Christmas week meal plan

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ihavetogoshoppingnow Wed 20-Dec-17 13:25:10

Being nosey and then wondering what’s on your meal plan Xmas eve - New Years

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HRTpatch Wed 20-Dec-17 13:27:41

Eating out Xmas eve
Curry Xmas Day
Brunch out Boxing day
God knows the rest of the week. I have 2 university aged dcs so have no idea when they are around. I don't plan any more.

Taffeta Wed 20-Dec-17 13:36:30

XmasEve - sausage rolls & mince pies then pub
Xmas Day ( for 6) - panettone breakfast, turkey etc lunch, buffet supper
Boxing Day ( for 6)- buffet lunch - cold meats, cheeses, ready baked rolls, salad, chutneys, pickles, sausage rolls, homemade chicken liver pate, mince pies - supper turkey curry and rice
27th - (for 14) lunch- sloe gin & plum ham, roast potatoes, mash, cauliflower cheese, cranberry compote, kale, Savoy cabbage, carrots, winter berry trifle & fallen chocolate cake - supper :buffet as Boxing Day plus cold ham, extra canapes eg smoked salmon, extra salads eg tomato & mozzarella, pineapple and passion fruit salad, Maltesers ice cream bombe
28th - out all day
29th/30th - leftovers plus pizza
31st - Wagamama

idontlikealdi Wed 20-Dec-17 13:39:41

23rd - pie
xmas eve - out for dinner
xmas day - full works and then turkey sandwiches / antipasti / cheese / nibbles in the evening
Boxing day - ginger baked ham, bubble and squeak
27th - leftovers / grazing
28th - going our for a curry
29th - out for italian
30th - salad and the gym grin
31st - party nibbles

everythingstaken123 Wed 20-Dec-17 19:08:08

Xmas Eve - Caramelised Onion tart with salad
Xmas - turkey etc
Boxing Day - turkey pie
27th - Fish and chips
28th - Leek fritters

Nothing very sophisticated! My head and energy levels are already running out.

worriedaboutchristmas Wed 20-Dec-17 21:03:30

21- chipolatas slow braised with cranberry's and cider

22- rabbit terrine with salad

23- salmon with lemon and dill

24- pizzas and party food

25th- celery and blue cheese soup starter

Main- turkey, pigs in blankets, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, sprouts fried with chestnuts and bacon, steamed carrots, swede mash, bread and cranberry sauce.

Desert- Christmas pudding

26th- ginger ham, clove stuffed ham with boiled potatoes and kale. Cumberland sauce.

27th- turkey and ham lattice topped pie

28th- turkey noodle soup

After that is leftovers depending (with ham croquettas, turkey curry, ham and turkey fried rice, turkey and pesto lasagne, turkey tetrazzini, all being options)

Then on New Year's Eve- roasted duck with dauphinois and red cabbage.

New Year's Day- duck soup with rosemary potato bread

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