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Best Roast Chicken

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Queenofthebrae Mon 18-Dec-17 19:45:02

We've decided to have a roast chicken for Christmas this year as we're not really a fan of turkey. I've only ever done the roast chicken in a bag blush. Can anyone suggest some tips for the perfect roast chicken?

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Closetlibrarian Mon 18-Dec-17 20:34:35

I think simple is best with roast chicken. We do something along the follow lines about once a week and it's great: stick half a lemon and a bunch of herbs (thyme or rosemary or both) inside the chicken. Shove a load of unpeeled garlic cloves in the gaps inbetween the legs and breast and underneath the chicken. Rub a fat of your choice (I use butter, DH prefers olive oil) into the skin of the chicken and season generously with sea salt and black pepper. Cook according to the standard timings (usually on the packaging of the chicken, or you can google), making sure to baste regularly.


Littlelambpeep Mon 18-Dec-17 20:41:03

I just roast them with a little water and some dried herbs and a spoonful or two of boullion (health food shops sell it)

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