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Best dessert for a crowd?

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Fluffyogabunny Sun 17-Dec-17 17:29:14

I've been tasked with making dessert for my in-laws' New Year's Day lunch. There will be about 20 people there including lots of kids. I've ruled out Eton Mess as I always do that. Any suggestions for something impressive but relatively straightforward, that is easy to transport (as I'll be driving 30 mins to their house)?? Not asking too much I hope. There has been a family rift too, so I'm really looking to do well as I'm not currently flavour of the month! Thanks

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Ginmakesitallok Sun 17-Dec-17 17:30:26

Sticky toffee pudding.

Elmosmum Sun 17-Dec-17 17:30:55

Tirimasu? More chocolate than coffee? Doesn't need to look pretty either!

PurpleDaisies Sun 17-Dec-17 17:31:28

Nigella chocolate key lime pie

OrangeCatnip Sun 17-Dec-17 17:35:22

Creme Caramel/ pannacotta. the advantage with this is that you can make then in advance and chill them ready for serving.

Alternatively i do this 'magic' lemon souffle/cake that is easier then souffle as you don't have to serve them immediately it can be served warm rather then straight out of the oven. here is a link. It is simple to make and you end up with a delicious tangy half cake/half lemon curd consistency. i followed the recipe but put it into a large dish rather then individual ones and it worked just as well. Its lush!!

NerrSnerr Sun 17-Dec-17 17:42:30

I’d take a load of vienettas in a freezer box. Can’t go wrong then!

NachoFries Sun 17-Dec-17 17:47:26

What about brownies? You can have it with vanilla ice cream or custard? 🤔

BIWI Sun 17-Dec-17 17:49:00

Delia's chocolate truffle tart

It serves 10 so you could make 2? It's really easy to make, and absolutely delicious - incredibly rich!

Beaverlac Sun 17-Dec-17 17:51:52

The winner here would be Chocolate Trifle:

¼pt/125mls milk
4 oz/100gms plain chocolate
½ pt/250mls whipping cream
8 (one box) trifle sponges
2 oz/50g butter
2 oz/50g sugar
2egg yolks
brandy/rum to taste, or I use 3-4 oz sherry

2oz/50 g toasted almonds
1oz/ 25g grated chocolate
spare whipped cream

Heat milk and melt chocolate in it
Cream butter, add sugar, cream together
Beat in egg yolks until pale
Pour chocolate milk on to mixture
Return to pan and stir over gentle heat until thick, then cool
Crumble sponges and moisten with brandy, rum or sherry
Put half of sponge at bottom of dish
Pour half of cooled sauce on top
Add a layer of cream
Repeat the 3 layers
Decorate with spare whipped cream, toasted almonds and grated chocolate
Chill overnight, or even 2 nights

Beaverlac Sun 17-Dec-17 17:52:46

Forgot to say you'd need 3-4 times this amount, but it would all go.

AdaColeman Sun 17-Dec-17 17:55:41

Two or three different trifles, Black Forest, Italian with custard and crystallised fruits, and traditional sherry trifle. Make at home, chill well for transport and add over the top garnish when you get there, gold leaf, gold spray, silvered almonds, posh chocolates, strawberries dipped in chocolate (prepare these at home, you only need a few).

TwitterQueen1 Sun 17-Dec-17 17:55:51

Chocolate refrigerator cake. Always fab. Put in what you like. Pistachios are good (because they're green), glace cherries (red) marshmallow (white), though I personally hate marshmallow... Digestives of course. raisins. Best of all, you can cook it well in advance and it travels.

christmasrage Sun 17-Dec-17 18:05:01

Make small meringues, serve with lemon curd, chocolate sauce and extra thick cream for people to choose from.

dementedma Sun 17-Dec-17 18:07:44

Buy a couple of nice frozen desserts, serve with fruit and cream.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 17-Dec-17 21:26:13

Salted caramel brownies and ice cream

Fluffyogabunny Sun 17-Dec-17 22:55:04

Thanks everyone. Like the idea of the chocolate trifle. Really need to make something as I'll never hear the last of it if I turn up with something bought. Thanks again

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TheKop Mon 18-Dec-17 06:23:02

Nigella’s Girdlebuster pie!

BillywilliamV Mon 18-Dec-17 06:37:25

apple crumble

llangennith Mon 18-Dec-17 07:13:16

Buy a load of profiteroles.

speakout Mon 18-Dec-17 07:24:16

I would make individual desserts - easier to transport and serve.
Make them in plastic disposable champagne flutes.
For 20 people I would make 40 items. Two flavours a rich chocolate mousse topped with real gold leaf and a lemon posset or lime crumble for contrast.

kateandme Mon 18-Dec-17 15:25:35

pavlova tower.itl help that you usually make eton mess because its just a different put together version of this hehe.
but instread of with fruit you could do one with fruit and one with chocolate!
so your base mirangue.cream.fruit,coulet,top with smaller mirague creame.fruit,coulet
then the other one base of mirangue again,creamshaving of choc,fudge piece,maltesers,revels etc inseted favourite chocs.choc sauce and camremal with smaller mirangue,cream more of the same chocs and sauce.devine!

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