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Easy things to cook for when you're feeling low

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Bobbins43 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:11:26

I am suffering a bit at the moment with low mood. One of the ways it's manifesting itself is with food. I find I can't be bothered to make proper meals so am just eating things like cereal and biscuits and then feeling I should eat properly. I'm at once repulsed by food but also keep eating. What I was hoping for was some ideas about easy, vaguely healthy things that I can cook that don't take a lot of effort or time. I would really appreciate any help as I cannot face any more eggs or toast or cereal


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MajesticWhine Sat 16-Dec-17 23:15:03

Sardines on toast. Takes no effort whatsoever and really healthy - omega 3 for brain function.

TheOriginalNNB Sat 16-Dec-17 23:15:37

Sorry you’re feeling low.

It’s great you make the connection with food and mood though - it’s a sign you want to be kind to yourself smile

Jacket potato - easy fillings such as cheese and beans, tuna mayo. Bit of ready to eat salad on the side. Nice balanced meal and easy peasy to prepare

Pasta and sauce

Stir fry

Clankboing Sat 16-Dec-17 23:18:24

Cheese on toast. With salad if you feel inclined.

user1471495191 Sat 16-Dec-17 23:30:13

A few of my favourites...

Pate on toast - very easy, filling and an iron boost which helps tiredness/fatigue/low mood

Fresh orange juice / apple juice

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on toasted bagel

Pre-cooked chicken breast (or whatever cut you prefer) with salad / coleslaw / supermarket potato salad or cous cous (no cooking required)

Grilled halloumi in pitta perhaps with roasted veg (chopped onion / mushroom / tomato / peppers / courgette) chucked in oven with some oil / balsamic vinegar

Blondie1984 Sun 17-Dec-17 00:21:43

So sorry to hear you aren't feeling great - are you getting support? I had something similar a few weeks ago....

Some other ideas for you:
Baked beans on toast - with some grated cheese
Stir fry - with chicken/prawns
Soup with a roll to dunk in - I like the "Glorious" soups you can get in the fridge section in the supermarket - but sometimes only Heinz Tomato will do
Pasta with pesto or a tomato based sauce

Hope you feel better soon xx

Fekko Sun 17-Dec-17 00:28:10

Cake - making cake always cheers me up no end, otherwise cheese and crackers makes me happy.

rockshandy Sun 17-Dec-17 01:37:09

When I am feeling low I make a pot of soup. Usually carrot and lentil, if I have some potatoes lurking about I throw a couple if those in too.

I find it really comforting, and because it is veg it makes me feel like I am having something good for me.

BAR91 Sun 17-Dec-17 01:40:53

Beans on toast
Tinned soup

My go to meals when low or poorly.

Janetjanetjanet Sun 17-Dec-17 02:01:11

Do some soup or a big casserole.

Soup :

Diced Onion, potato (could be sweet potato) carrot, one clove of garlic, Celery, saute in butter for ten mins. Add two big handfuls of red lentils. Top pan up with water, about half an inch above the veg. Squirt of chicken stock. Bay leaf. Simmer for twenty mins. Remove Bay leaf, blend. Add salt and pepper.

Can replace the water with a tin of coconut milk or tinned tomatoes and then refill the tin with water and add to pan also. You could add some spice to funk it up, or some diced ham, chicken, bacon.

If you want a casserole, follow the above steps but add some chicken fillets that have been halved horizontally and tossed in seasoned flour. Fry these after you have fried the veg for ten mins, make sure you remove veg from pan, fry the chicken, return veg to pan with chicken, then add the liquid. Don't blend, just keep it chunky if you want casserole. I'd serve this with mash or on its own, or with buttered baguette.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 17-Dec-17 20:18:25

Porridge with fruit
Pancakes with berries and Greek yoghurt
Agree re soup
Baked sweet potato with mango salsa (tastes like sunshine)

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