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Birthday cake a week ahead?

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sarahbanshee Sat 09-Dec-17 09:10:10

DD6 is having a party joint with her friend next Saturday and I'm making the cake. (So it has to be good!)

I usually make the cake a couple of days ahead and then decorate it the night before, but this time I can't do that as I'm out on Friday evening. I'm free tomorrow and it would be a good day to get it all done but I'm just wondering if it will be too far ahead?

Madeira recipe, iced with roll out icing (buttercream layer underneath). Kids of course will hardly eat the cake anyway but I don't want it to be inedible!

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Wishingandwaiting Sat 09-Dec-17 09:12:32

It would be too early for me certainly but if only option...

WishUponAStar88 Sat 09-Dec-17 09:12:49

No I wouldn’t make and decorate it a week in advance. Could you make and freeze the cake now and decorate Saturday morning?

sarahbanshee Sat 09-Dec-17 09:37:38

Yes I could make and freeze the cake and decorate later - just going to be a rush so I was trying to avoid it! Was thinking you get supermarket cakes with long dates...can't do the same at home?

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TheWorldIsMyCakePop Sat 09-Dec-17 15:59:40

Bake and freeze. The reason they have long lives in the supermarket is due to additives/preservatives just like shop bought bread vs baked at home/bakery.

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