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Ideas for (Christmassy) book club food next week?

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pennyhill Thu 07-Dec-17 15:04:13

There are only about six of us, and usually it's a bit random; someone might cook, someone else serves cake and prosecco. It's not a Christmas meeting as such, but I thought it would be nice to be a little bit festive. Having said that, I'm very lazy grin.

Any ideas?!

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PasstheStarmix Thu 07-Dec-17 15:12:58

If you're wanting less hassle Tesco have a great diverse selection of festive party food on 3 for 2 deal. I got afew bits in for over Xmas. They had things like cottage pie bites, and Bombay pot rosti baskets. They also had a great Christmas dinner cracker which is a giant lattice filled with turkey, gammon, cranberry and stuffing. Would look nice and grand in middle of table for everybody to dig in to.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 07-Dec-17 15:45:30

Cheese and wine? Nice cheese board, crackers, pickles and chutneys grapes and celery. Posh crisps. Maybe a baked Camembert with bits to dip.

pennyhill Thu 07-Dec-17 16:35:38

Thank you! Sorry Passthestarmix - forgot to say - am not in the UK so Tesco bits are out (unfortunately); there's no equivalent here. I love your ideas though!

Cheese, wine, pickles, chutneys etc. might be the way to go. Might even see if I can rustle up some mince pies, it's an international crowd, so something traditionally English would go down well.

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PasstheStarmix Thu 07-Dec-17 16:42:59

Oh sorry I just assumed (I shouldn't have done.) blush
No problem, you could buy a pack of pastry and make your own sausage rolls; very easy to make. You could even add some cheese and chutney to the filling with the sausage. Very yummy. Also can be made in advance then just thrown in oven 20-30 minutes before you need them.

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