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Price of a turkey

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Pinksparkie Wed 06-Dec-17 22:04:59

So today I ordered my Christmas turkey and ham. I live in a very small village so i thought it would be good to use the local butcher. So I ordered a turkey to feed 8 people and a big ham. The butcher is a husband of a mum friend of mine, and he took my details and said that’s great, see you on the 23rd.....we never discussed price...... mentioned to my husband that I had ordered the turkey and he asked how much? He’s put the wobblers on me that I’ve bought a v expensive turkey.... Just wondering what the average price of a butchers turkey is.....(it’s only a small butchers in a small town....can’t be that expensive can it???!!!)

dreamingofsun Thu 07-Dec-17 14:33:09

depends on the sort of turkey. google one of the big supermarkets - i dont find butchers food much different in price and sometimes its more expensive. mine normally costs about £50 for the turkey and about £20 for the ham - from supermarket though - turkey about the size you are talking about. A big ham could be very big though and much more

FawnDrench Thu 07-Dec-17 18:25:47

Just phone up or go in tomorrow and ask for the total cost of your order.
Cancel if it's too much, so you are giving the butcher lots of notice and not overly inconveniencing him.

OTOH, It may be a very reasonable price.

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