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Buffet for 20?

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carlston Mon 04-Dec-17 14:12:52

Hi all, we are hosting a family gathering for approx 20 people over Christmas and am stuck for food ideas as usually have a lot less people. Wondering about something in a slow cooker (can probably borrow another too) or pulled pork which I've done before. We have three youngish children so anything we can do in advance would be ideal. Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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kateandme Mon 04-Dec-17 14:38:38

huge pan of meatballs.
stew and dumplings
same base for stew done befohand then on the day you could add mash topping.pie crust(ready rolled stuff) sliced bagueete or garlic bread make great versions too.
big pan of currys can be done the day before.then you could buy in or make some pickles and relishes etc.get in some popadums riata,nans.
pan of mince for spag bol
tray bake pizza using roll out pastry for bases.people can put what they want on.tomato and mozerella.pesto chicken.salami etc.
pasta bake.or do two could do a pasta bake in the oven and a dish on the hob for choice
all things like stews pies etc can be done day before then warmed through in oven or on hob and taste just as could keep the bases in Tupperware in fridge.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 04-Dec-17 15:27:57

Do you have space to. Seat everyone at a table or does it need to be suitable for eating off of laps?
Casseroles or one pots are probably the easiest.
Pork in cider with apples and shallots
Beef in red wine
Chicken chasseur
Serve with trays of garlic roasted baby potatoes and green beans.
Chillis and curry’s I like because you car really go to town with the sides.
Or a chicken, chorizo and med veg tray bake.
Any veggies to factor in?

ShowMeTheElf Mon 04-Dec-17 15:34:33

Make it possible to eat with a fork.
Mash or rice can be used to 'dam' runny sauces so less chance of spills.
I use buffet clips if I expect guests to eat standing. They aren't cheap but are a worthwhile one-off investment if you are planning on doing this a lot. Also use lightweight crockery: Iron tone is lovely but really heavy to stand holding in one hand for long!
Vat of rice or mash, vat of stew or chilli/curry whatever, big bowl of shredded salad (so can just be eaten with a fork). 20 people is right on the cusp but for more than that I'd offer 2 choices. One veggie/gluten free and one meaty.

carlston Mon 04-Dec-17 15:42:42

Thanks - lots of ideas to think about. We don't have enough space for everyone to sit at a table so most will be sitting on sofas/chairs or standing. No vegetarians or other dietary requirements! Not heard of buffet clips - will investigate! Also, do you have any links to specific recipes please? Thanks

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ShowMeTheElf Mon 04-Dec-17 15:48:15

boeuf bourgignon
chicken stroganoff

Both of those would be lovely with rice or mash or little roast potatoes as a pp suggested.

Ricekrispie22 Mon 04-Dec-17 18:57:04

Not that long ago I did a buffet for a large number. We just had fancy hotdogs. All I cooked were three types of sausages: venison, Cumberland and Mediterranean chicken. I also made a big pot of caramelised onions. Alongside these on the buffet table I had a big stack of hotdog rolls, Dijon mustard, apple sauce and posh tomato sauce. It seemed to go down well. And very little washing up!

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