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Which Supermarket does the best Chinese food?

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bluesky Thu 30-Nov-17 20:39:11

Thanks Rita, that sounds like a good recommendation

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RitaMills Thu 30-Nov-17 19:56:13

Sainsbury’s is the best IMO, I only tend to buy ready meals from either Sainsbury’s or M&S and have found Sainsbury’s do the best Asian food and M&S wins Italian.

bluesky Thu 30-Nov-17 14:26:28

Thanks LittleBear, that's one crossed off.

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demirose87 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:09:03

I don't think any supermarket Chinese food is that great to be honest. It just doesn't taste right.

LittleBearinaBigWorld Wed 29-Nov-17 18:05:18

Not too sure about the best, but I can certainly recommend you steer clear of Tesco! Not great...

bluesky Wed 29-Nov-17 17:02:55

It's a birthday coming up in our house soon, and a chinese feast has been requested. We don't have a takeaway nearby, but between dh and I our works, we are near to the majority of supermarkets.

Due to food intolerances I don't buy many ready meals, so I haven't had a supermarket chinese for about 10 years, back then I remember Sainsburys and M&S were really good.

Anyone have any preferences? Thanks

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