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DeliveredByKiki Sun 26-Nov-17 17:32:09

We’ve finally finished all the thanksgiving leftovers!

Sun: creamy pesto pasta (with turkey for DC)
Mon: opah, tapenade, mashed potatoes and garlic carrots
Tues: pumpkin and carrot soup with hot rolls
Weds: tomato and fennel soup for me, chicken fries ride for everyone else
Thurs: kale and lentil soup for me, DH sorts the kids while I’m at uni
Fri: pizza night

Fairly dull and lots of soup because we double ordered on the veg box by mistake

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IHaveBrilloHair Mon 27-Nov-17 16:36:52

This week we are having
Tonight- sausage casserole and dumplings
Tues-Garlic mussels with spaghetti
Weds-Anchovy and olive calzone with salad
Thurs-Either eating out or takeaway, depending on how parents evening goes
Sat-Chips in front of Strictly
Sun-Butternut squash soup with hot gammon rolls

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