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Hairyhat Fri 24-Nov-17 20:57:28

Please can you wise mumsnetters tell me how to roast chestnuts. I love them. Always buy fresh then roast them in a hot oven for 19 minutes or so after making a slice in their skin. Then I cannot for the life of me peel them! End up eating bits of hard skin. Is there a way to cook them so they peel easily? What am I doing wrong please?

Hairyhat Fri 24-Nov-17 21:23:37

Not 19! TEN minutes I meant

PurplePillowCase Fri 24-Nov-17 21:25:40

5 or so at a time
a tablespoon of water
45-60 seconds (they start to hiss when they are ready)

PurplePillowCase Fri 24-Nov-17 21:27:21

btw we collect/buy loads now, peel and freeze for christmas (to stuff the goose with)

Dustysparrow Fri 24-Nov-17 21:29:05

I'm pretty sure roasting them for 10 mins isn't long enough, I think it needs to be more like 20-25 mins.

Hairyhat Fri 24-Nov-17 21:55:39

Thanks all. For the replies

Hairyhat Fri 24-Nov-17 21:57:17

Thank you Purple. Do you prick the skin or just microwave them in water?

haba Fri 24-Nov-17 21:58:31

Purple, how do you peel them? Just pick at them? Or do you have to blanch them?

PurplePillowCase Fri 24-Nov-17 22:02:31

sharp pointy knife
I don't prick them, the skin gets quite soft. you need to peel while still hot or they become rock hard.

haba Fri 24-Nov-17 23:45:34


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