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Can I use pork fat from dripping in pastry ?

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BreakfastAtStephanies Sun 19-Nov-17 18:46:24

We had a large roast pork joint ( leg ) and as usual I poured off all the dripping from the roasting tin and separated the fat from the meat juice. The juice was used to make gravy. I have kept the fat and it has been refrigerated. It is solid but not quite as hard as lard. It is not white but a dark cream/light beige colour.

Can I use this fat in a recipe for shortcrust pastry ? I've never done that before and don't want to ruin the pastry. I would substitute it for the lard ( or use it with lard if there isn't enough ) and then use butter for the other half of the fat as normal. I'd like to make some mince pies - for now, not for Christmas !

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reallybadidea Sun 19-Nov-17 18:47:31

I think it will taste a bit porky to be honest. Probably not what you're aiming for in mince pies grin

StatueInTheSky Sun 19-Nov-17 18:49:14

I would for a savoury pie, but not for mincepies

I'd expect the fat from the meat to have much more of a flavour, really not sure that porky mince pies would be a go-er!

Heratnumber7 Sun 19-Nov-17 18:58:04

Yes, will be fine for a meat pie. Wouldn’t recommend for sweet/mince pies.

Suggest you melt and strain it a couple of times to remove any bits.

Mightybanhammer Sun 19-Nov-17 19:11:02

Savoury pies yes. Sweet absolutely not.

BreakfastAtStephanies Sun 19-Nov-17 19:14:14

Brilliant - thank you all for your helpful replies. I was wondering how it would taste. Might make a savoury pie with it, or stir some oats in and put it out for the birds ! Will use normal lard for the mince pies.

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