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Does anyone have a juicer they'd recommend?

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whiskyowl Thu 16-Nov-17 10:49:25

Let me get one thing straight: I am not a very healthy person. I like the potato in all its many guises to the point of obsession. Also, anything with chocolate or even chocolate flavour in it. Juicers are not my natural area of expertise. They are not on my mother ship.

However, I've started juicing recently and have been surprised to find that all the advice of the expert doctors and nutritionists is actually correct and the juice itself is making me feel way better. grin

The machine, however, is not adding to this sense of wellbeing. It's huge, hard to assemble, difficult to clean, and has an annoying tendency to spray the kitchen if it's not kept firmly under control.

Can anyone recommend me a better one, preferably one that goes in the dishwasher? (Yes, I am that lazy).

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